In Kommunarka build temporary housing for follow up care of patients

continues In Moscow construction of prefabricated buildings for the medical treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. In particular, this work is carried out on the territory of city clinical hospital № 40 in Kommunarka. These enclosures will increase the capacity of health facilities more than half.

This will allow to considerably increase the capacity of hospitals and aid. When deterioration of the patient will be transferred back to the inpatient unit of the hospital.

the Mayor added that, despite the fact that the construction of pre-fabricated, they are reliable: “a Serious of buildings, rooms, provided with all necessary equipment and so forth.”

Temporary prefabricated medical corps are building now in the 13 urban hospitals. We are talking about Scientific research Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosovskogo (Bolshaya Sukharevskaya square, building 3), hospital № 1 named after N. And. Pirogov (Leninsky prospect, 10), № 24 (the Scribe street, the house 10, building 2), No. 15 named after O. M. Filatov (Veshnyakovskaya street, 23), No. 40 in Kommunarka (street sosenskiy Mill, building 8), No. 52 (Infantry street, building 3), No. 67 name L. A. Vorohoba (street Salam Adil, the house 2/44), No. 2 (8th street mount Falcon, the house 15), No. 17 (Volynskaya street house 7 building 2), hospitals in imeni S. S. Yudin (street of Academician millionshchikova, 1) and named after E. O. Mukhin (federated Ave, 17), hospital for veterans of wars № 3 (Startovaya ulica, Dom 4) and the clinic (branch № 3) Moscow scientific-practical center of medical rehabilitation, restorative and sports medicine (2nd Volskaya street, building 19).

Temporary housing in the project began to build in April. The total area of the seven designs will be 8.4 thousand square meters. To complete the work and enter megabusa into operation the plan for 17 days.

medical personnel equipped with dressing rooms, showers, toilets, rest room and eating room for donning of personal protective equipment.

Patients will be placed in comfortable quarters, which will make bathroom with shower, mount the system of air disinfection. In each ward put a table for meals. The chamber is also equipped with locks and decontamination stations, which will help to ensure epidemiological safety, install the furniture and equipment. Will regularly carry out disinfection.

if necessary, the treatment chamber can be transformed into intensive care with oxygen. Just in temporary buildings in Kommunarka will be 490 beds. Here patients will spend several days before discharge.

the hospital’s Chief doctor Denis Protsenko explained, some patients will be placed in pre-fabricated buildings: “Patient assisted, stabilized his condition, he has no need for oxygen under��the support, but it requires more observations for a number of reasons. For example, temperature, which we can’t let him go home.”

To date, completed preparation of ground, laying of sewer, hot and cold water supply and installation of substation and lighting of the construction site. Collected objects three of the seven buildings, began to collect the rest of the frames. Started installation of wall panels and floors. In addition, the paving of roads, laying of power supply networks, installation of transformer substation.

the Object is ready by about 30 percent. Work there are 2.5 thousand people involved 786 units. Construction is scheduled to finish until 7 may. After the pandemic coronavirus infection temporary housing dismantling.

In December last year completed construction of the first multidisciplinary hospital in Kommunarka. Four buildings have occupied the area 86,1 thousand square meters, this includes the nine-story ward building. Commissioning was scheduled for the spring of this year.

In connection with the spread of the new coronavirus infection decided to repurpose ward hospital building and the place where patients with suspected COVID-19 and confirmed the diagnosis. Thus, the hospital project was the first coronavirus patient facility in Russia.

For conversion chamber housing in the shortest possible time equipped with decontamination stations and gateways, dividing it into “clean” and “dirty” zones. Deployed in the housing 802 beds: 400 beds infectious profile (eight offices) and 402 beds intensive care (15 offices).

the hospital is the most modern medical equipment, including three CT scanners, one MRI scanner, 219 ventilators, two ecmo and six units for renal replacement therapy. Also has its own laboratory. In the emergency room, there are insulated boxes, separate entrances for the reception and discharge of patients, isolated entrance for staff and equipped with gateways.

most of the houses made by the type of poluboks with the placement of no more than two patients. All rooms have private bathrooms with a toilet, shower, sink and disinfection of premises (recirculators). Also there are all necessary medicines, including antiviral and antibacterial drugs, disinfectants and antiseptics, personal protective equipment.

Since March 1 of this year, the hospital in Kommunarka took more than two thousand patients with suspected coronavirus infection. Discharged 1,5 thousand people. In the state — 199 355 doctors and paramedical staff.

as of April 23 were subjected to treatment of the patient 602. 600 of them diagnosed “pneumatic��niya” (including 397 patients with confirmed coronavirus, 113 — on the oxygen out of the intensive care unit, 57 — in intensive care and 26 connected to the ventilator). For the last day in the hospital admitted 89 patients, 84 persons were discharged.

Built for the month: in the Voronovo opened bolditalic infectious hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo — about how to work the new hospital for patients with COVID-19

Only in Moscow for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection deployed offices in Federal, city and private hospitals. In the settlement Voronovo built and opened a new infectious diseases hospital of 800 beds (if necessary, their number can be increased to 900). Also in several buildings of the Federal, municipal and private hospitals continue to prepare to deploy to hospitals for treatment of patients with COVID-19.

staff approved the salary increase. Physicians will pay 70 thousand rubles per month, average medical staff — 50 thousand rubles, Junior medical staff and other employees — 30 thousand rubles.