In Germany, archaeologists during the excavation of the Roman camp found a small statuette of the ancient Egyptian goddess ISIS, whose cult at one time was widespread in Ancient Rome.

according to Archaeology News Network, a small figure, the height of which is about eight inches, was found during excavations in the town of Krefeld in Western Germany. The artifact is made of clay.

It was discovered during the examination of the pit with garbage, which has been around for 2,000 years. There is speculation that the figure could be part of a pottery jar, which may have been part of a home altar.

“It’s a very unusual opening of the Roman age for the Lower Rhine region, said archaeologist Hans-Peter Schluter. The statue depicts a woman sitting on a throne with the child on hands.”

By the way, these images of ISIS widely known. She was one of the most revered goddesses in Ancient Egypt. It was considered the ideal of femininity and motherhood. ISIS was wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, and of all the Egyptian pharaohs, because they were the earthly incarnations of Horus.

There is a version that the Christian image of the virgin Mary with the infant Jesus in her arms was later adapted images sitting on a throne and holding in his arms the Mountain of the goddess ISIS.

the Exact age of the artifact is yet to be established. It is known that Roman military camp on the site of the present excavations was built 70 years after the birth of Jesus Christ.

He was part of a large defensive line designed to protect the Roman frontier on the Rhine from the Germanic tribes. By the way, archaeologists also found coins and weapons from the Roman period and the remains of the horse.

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