In Australia for sending masks in China faces five years in prison

the ban covers medical masks and disinfectant hand gels. Violating this requirement faces serious fines and real prison terms up to 5 years imprisonment.

“We are taking steps in the interests of Australia to prevent unauthorized and inappropriate export of those items, which now needs our medical system,” said Minister of trade and tourism, Simon Birmingham. He also explained that the Australian authorities are in constant contact with foreign colleagues in finding solutions in the field of logistics and availability required for medical positions.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG who: can Russia avoid the “European” scenario coronavirus

it is Noted that the decision to punish those who export masks and other funds in China, partly due to the behavior of one local company. According to the authorities, the company Greenland Australia, in which participates the Chinese capital, was sent to Shanghai 10 thousand masks, 30 thousand protective gowns, and 68 thousand of disposable gloves. The Australian government has not said that delivery occurred in January-February, at the height of the epidemic in China. Also, the authorities have not explained the reason for the prohibition referred not only to legal but to physical persons.

at the same time, the port of Melbourne unfolds another story – port workers refuse to unload arrived in the country from China, a container ship, on Board which is more than 2 thousand containers of medical masks, canned food and toilet paper. Media reported that responsible for the unloading of the ship the company has fired 60 people from among the members. Workers can understand, because withood went to the port and began to unload not in fact following the same requirements that apply to the civil courts, the same luxury liner.

the Crew was not quarantined and not passed a medical examination. That is, the porters, in the absence of measures and a clear explanation of the protocols by the authorities themselves took the most logical in this situation the decision not to come into contact with either cargo or crew. The Union of port workers along with other organizations are going to court to challenge the dismissal.