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Australian scientists reported the discovery of a drug that almost completely destroys the coronavirus COVID-2019 within 48 hours from the time of application.
In an attempt to reduce the shortage of key means of preventing the spread of coronavirus, the government of Australia imposed a ban on sending them abroad. This primarily applies to parcels to China. The ban mask, and disinfectant gels
The great barrier reef in Australia is undergoing large-scale coral bleaching. According to scientists, this is due to the record high temperatures of the environment and the warming of the oceans
One of the largest Australian retailers have imposed restrictions on sale of certain products in connection with the panic related to the coronavirus. The share of the company represents about 40 percent of the Australian market
Australian authorities distort the facts in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass. As stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the desire of Canberra to establish the truth is in Russia doubts
In Australia died first infected with the coronavirus, a 78-year-old man, who returned from a cruise journey on the liner "Diamond Princess"
A joint group of companies Raytheon - Lockheed Martin received a contract from the Pentagon to manufacture anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Georgia, Ukraine and several other countries of 18.4 million dollars
COVID-19, and Spanish-18. These two rampant epidemics are separated from each other by a whole century. But now, as the coronavirus is occupying more and more countries, increasingly, in the media flashed the comparison, where the Parallels between the current situation with a dangerous infection and the pandemic that covered the earth at the beginning of the last century. How our ancestors survived in such difficult conditions, has struggled with the ubiquitous infection? – Remember.
Australian resident has shared a photo of an unusual yellow substance, found them on the beach in the vicinity of Perth. Later it turned out that this sea hare.

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