Astrakhan closed open secondary school No. 8 in Trusovsky area. According to the official version – due to low student performance. However, in this school learned “antisocial children”. Maybe it’s this?

the Decision was taken on June 29 Commission of the city administration. The reason is poor student achievement: the school demonstrates consistently low results in national test papers, final examination in 9 class and the exam. The exam last year was able to successfully pass a total of two schoolboys.

the Ministry of education and science of the Astrakhan region “MK” reported that “the closure of schools affected by a range of factors, including poor quality education and mismatch of material-technical base targets secondary school.” Education officials stressed that the elimination of the school is not against the law, and “building it will not be empty, it will go to the institution for further education Trusovsky district.”

To the question: “MK”, and why the time has not changed the composition of teachers has not adjusted the program, the Ministry responded that their main function in this context is “to ensure that all children were transferred to other educational organizations” and questions about the competence of the Director and teachers of educational institutions not to them but to the administration of the city.

In social networks actively discussing the incident. A resident of Astrakhan Irina strongly opposed to children from school No. 8 were transferred to other schools: “There are learning, those who costs on the account, those who are struggling to learn in school, those who remained in the second year. These kids drink and smoke at the corner of the school. They don’t need school!”. Residents share opinions, clarifies the situation in school: “living next to people afraid near this school pass”, “I would be the teachers of this school monuments during the life of the set!”, “These pupils only in the colony!”.

Citizens are outraged by the fact that school was easier to close than to try to somehow improve the situation. The administrator of the Astrakhan public Alexander Samoilov shared with the “MK” in its opinion:

– the Local authorities have not invented anything better than to close the school, and its students transferred to other educational institutions of the city, where train better. The variant with the change of Director, the recruitment of more professional teachers, a revision and adjustment of the curriculum in this school was not even considered.

Parents of “difficult” children are also dissatisfied. And even going to organize a rally and picket in front of the doors of the regional Ministry of education and the Board of education.

– of Course, it is nonsense. Teachers have to work, it is elementary, – said the “MK” this case deserved teacher of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Yamburg. – Must to establish staff training, people were trained, retrained. On this subject there is an obscene joke. In the era of stagnation was opened a home for girls “with low social responsibility.” Equipment Finnish, Italian lighting – and the people did not go there. The administration could not understand, finally, someone asked: “And what footage do you have?”. “Checked, all the members of the party since 1905”. So it is necessary to change the furniture and the girls. Of course, the Ministry of education should work with this school, the decision to close completely unprofessional.

– And in Moscow and other cities there have been similar cases with closing schools?

In Moscow, there are different. This kind of school attached to any educational institution, professionals who needs to strengthen personnel and restore order. There were cases that such schools are integrated into larger educational complexes.