In the cult Soviet TV series of S. Govorukhin “meeting Place can not be changed” roommate Gleb Zheglov, Michal Mikhalych — it plays brilliantly Zinovy Gerdt, she is truly a prophetic monologue.

“Michal Mikhailovich: In my opinion, a crime we will win not punitive organs, and the natural course of our lives. Humanity and mercy.

Zheglov: Charity and the priest’s word. No, Mikhail Mikhailovich, with gangs we are going to finish, that is the secret police.

Michal Mikhailovich: Wrong, young people. Mercy — kindness and wisdom. This is the form of existence to which we all aspire in the end. Maybe, who knows, now in poverty, scarcity, poverty and deprivation is emerging epoch. Yes, not era, and the era of mercy. It is the era of mercy!”

Originally the film was supposed to be called “Era of mercy”, but for obvious reasons, “abstract humanism”, founded in the core works of the brothers Vainer, had to be retouched.

But everything in the world comes your turn. Convinced that idealism, at first glance, the hopes of the hero Gerdt come true in the near future. Where such confidence?

Because this has already happened in history when, once on the brink of disaster, humanity suddenly umnel. Examples? All right.

the Great Lisbon earthquake of 1 November 1755 was truly a global disaster. Six minutes killed 90 thousand people. For tremors followed by fire and tsunamis, which have caused many troubles especially in virtue of the coastal location of Lisbon. The accident forced the intellectual elite of the time, as we would say today, to include the head. Either God is not good, or he is not omnipotent. But while looking for the answer to this question, had to part with Imperial ambitions, to announce the restructuring and launch of the modernization project. The earthquake has exacerbated political tensions in Portugal and was forced to abandon its colonial ambitions in the possession of the country in the eighteenth century. The event is widely discussed by European philosophers, and in fact became the trigger (trigger) of the Enlightenment. This is the first scientifically studied earthquake provided the impetus to the birth of modern seismology. In General, the response to a natural disaster then the elite found in full accordance with the famous proverb “God helps those who help themselves”.

But back to the present day. The analogy suggests itself. No foreign hegemony, any ultra-modern weapons it is impossible to destroy coronavirus. All of these “toys” are needed in order to satisfy Imperial ambitions, in whatever shiny package they now neither was presented. Based on thesex obsolete today views lies a profound conviction that “the strength of the straw ache”. What gave in his time a brilliant response Belinsky: “A mind, armed with science, art and centuries-old development of life are aching and power”.

So, either we will become cleverer, realizing that to change the straw may be weak hand. And then we can meet head-on any new challenges or… We are not given other choice but to wise up! Honest to God, the onset of Armageddon I do not anticipate in the approaching end of the world do not believe.

Apparently, the coronavirus is not the last attack that will have to reflect the earthlings. Meanwhile the mind, without which continue to do, is not the only tool of protection. Excessive exaltation of the intellect carries its own risks. Truly God works in mysterious ways. Not for us from their docked position to judge His intentions. The flood, the Lisbon earthquake, the pandemic phenomenon of the same order. Each time mankind came to a standstill, followed an impetus to immediate update. Must possess ability for insight, to see and hear supplied over the signs.

Today, when production has stopped, almost stopped traffic on the ground, in the sky and the sea, the planet breathed deeply. In the forests and parks appeared pigeons, clattering beaks of woodpeckers. Walking dogs late at night on the edge of the parkland, people become unwitting witnesses to their hitherto unseen phenomena. Hunting owls prey. Hooting accompanies this operation. Proteins-the boys are fighting for the conquest of the protein girls. The latter, without hiding pleasure, looking at these battles from the treetops. Have you ever seen this? So, coronavirus — the scourge of God, a just punishment for the sins of men? Not sure, because there is another point of view, expressed a remarkable religious poet Z. Mirkina.

shouted God.

In the air floated

Sounds scary

The heavy sleep.

God struck the thin gilet.

On hand or even the eye —

At me.

What you end up with? It seems that the mind must be verified by heart, and the heart mind. Apparently, it’s so simple but so hard to avoid extremes.

There are extremely tactless question, which stupid little adults ask children: “who do You like better: dad or mom?” I don’t do politics, but this pedagogical analogy involuntarily comes to mind when watching the ideological battles between the advocates of liberal Economics and the adherents of the welfare state, equitable distribution of benefits. These disputes resemble the feud between big-endian and pointed tips. The essence of the dispute is, what the end, blunt or sharp, to break a boiled egg. Jonathan swift in the satirical�� the novel “Gulliver’s Travels” gave the allegorical image of any pointless confrontation on ideological grounds. This allegory swift used to represent the struggle between Catholics and Protestants, which led throughout to wars, uprisings and executions. Over the centuries these religions coexist peacefully.

It is the same in the modern recension of ideological disputes. Obviously, in order to divide the wealth justly among all the citizens, their need to save. Liberal competitive market economy allows you to do it. But at the same time it generates extreme inequality. In turn, restrictions on the market economy in the name of social justice, carried to its logical conclusion, lead to lower consumption, the card distribution system and other painfully familiar to us “the virtues” of socialism. In countries with an established political system, this dilemma is solved every five or six years — in the elections, which alternately come to power advocates of one or the other path of development. This achieves the necessary compromise, and the country avoids extremes in its forward movement.

it seems to Me that life forces us to go this way. For example, the most ardent proponents of online learning have recently been ready to fight to the death with archaic advocates offline. The latter, convinced of the force of circumstances — working in pandemic conditions — the effectiveness of this approach, began to actively explore online. In turn, the adherents of distance learning, continuing a long time to be in involuntary confinement in their apartments, longing for the living to communicate with children.

And so in all things, large and small. How right was the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, in his work “good Excuse” claimed: “the Global challenge is not in creating solidarity between each and all — it already exists in the nature of things, and fully conscious, and then in the spiritual assimilation of solidarity from everyone.”

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