At the sight of a small portable camera. Several different touch buttons, indicators, word – familiar gadget. Meanwhile, in the hands of you portable diagnostician Tyto. This device has been actively used in one of the largest clinics in Moscow to diagnose the most common diseases. This is especially true in the era of coronavirus, once again not to use transport and not to sit in the waiting room among other patients.

What is in the set of “teleparent”? On the electronic display of Aesculapius and the led indicator just above the power button, everything is clear even intuitively. Rear -camera, which will be more abruptly than the most advanced smartphones. There is still a infrared thermometer and marked area for nozzles adapters: tongue depressors, stethoscope and Otoscope. All this, too, is included to present a comprehensive examination. Plus, the Tyto is the application for a mobile device of the patient. It’s doctor contacted at the appointed time and gives the team how to use the “doctor in a box”. The device itself is beautifully photographed and makes the videos. Special tips allow you to explore not just the skin, but also to measure the temperature, listen to heart and lungs, look in ears, throat and nose. The patient can do everything by yourself, and the results of the studies to send via the same app the doctor. As the experts of the clinic package, “a Doctor in a box” effective if you have a cold, you have a sore throat, rash, fever, headache, cough, that is, you are faced with symptoms that need to go to the therapist. It can also be useful for those patients requiring regular medical examination, for example, after surgery. Now, this survey does not require visits to the clinic.

“This device adds remote communication with the patient for a significant share of objectivity – says the Deputy medical Director, innovation clinic Jaroslav Zbyshko. Now we know much more about the human condition because rely not only on his words and subjective experience. For example, one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection – cough. Using TytoCare we can hear noises in the lungs if they are. Correctly assessing the patient’s condition, we propose a more appropriate therapy, can make adjustments to the already prescribed treatment. The device helps us to evaluate the development of the disease”.

Telemedicine is gradually introduced not only in the exclusive private centers, but also in the MLA. Already, some clinics practice remote consultation according to the usual policy. This standard of work is gradually bringing in therapists, also have the opportunity to meet and Network with specialists: urologists, cardirogami, the allergists-immunologists and even dentists. “Pandemic showed that the telemedicine service is in demand: the demand for remote consultations with doctors from the end of last year to July of 2020 showed fold increase,” – said the General Director of one of the most popular telemedicine services Denis Shvetsov.

In many ways the attitude to remote medicine in Moscow changed “crown”. Avenue Likhachev April earned the first urban telemedicine center. Despite the fact that the flow of calls does not stop here, in General the room was always absolute silence. All because the office each doctor has a soundproof wall, so that all could work. “Crown”, of course never to diagnose. Therefore, in patients taking first tests, and then in the case of a positive result and relatively calm course of the disease such infected always now accompanied by a online doctor. “We observed each patient daily, please measure the temperature visually through a screen, assess his condition, ask questions about health, says “teletherapy” Anna Gvozdeva. – The patients referred to us for the first time, we learn who lives with them, whether they observe the regime of self-isolation. We can also recommend to replace or to abolish the prescribed drug.”

If the condition worsens, then the online doctor will always report it to an ambulance. And most importantly – patients can receive psychological support. Always nice to know that help is near at your smartphone.

…the Number of private clinics offering telemedicine consultations on a variety of issues, not only COVID-19. If you have VHI, you will examine the contract: many are not even aware that there is a possibility of such techniques is also specified. There was a time when they had even a promo code for a free teleconsultation on coronavirus, but now they do not work. So now, if you have no insurance, VHI, you can purchase an insurance policy for a year, his various companies offer. Its estimated cost is 5 thousand rubles. However, a single consultation is available on websites and in applications of commercial medical institutions. Will not advertise, you will choose them with the help of “Yandex”, the AppStore and Google Play. You can find promotions where online conversation with the doctor will cost 500-900 RUB, which is about three to four times cheaper than face-to-face visit in the paid medical centre. However, we must understand that the diagnosis on the Internet you do not exactly put. But recommendations for treatment or the interpretation of the lab test will give no problems.

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