In the period from may 2019 to may 2020, the villas in the suburbs has risen by almost 5 percent. The average price of summer houses in the area made up 5.15 million rubles, follows from materials of the portal “World apartments”, arrived in edition “”.

As defined by analysts, the most expensive villas for sale in Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk districts of the Moscow region (even without the high-end segment). The average home there are 22,15 million rubles. In third place — Mytishchi district (17.7 million average for the country), followed by Lenin (11,3 million) and Istra (8.9 million rubles) areas.

the cheapest options of cottages in the suburbs are presented in Serebryano-Prudskiy and Ozersk districts — there is the standard house is asking for less than a million rubles. In addition, cheap villas — for the price of 1-1,2 million roubles it is possible to find in zarais’ke, Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Lukhovitsy districts.

Over the past year, according to experts, prices for villas have risen in 31 of the 38 districts of the Moscow region. Seven recorded a decrease in the cost of summer homes. Most notably — at 8 percent — has risen testify in Mytishchi and Orekhovo-Zuyevo districts. The greatest fall in price tags (minus 2 percent) was observed in Noginsk and Shchelkovo areas.

“of Course, many are thinking about purchasing a country “springboard”, where you can escape from the evils of the pandemic, noted in “the World of apartments”. — However, you to make intended difficult, and to Mature prior to purchase, it takes time. Most likely, the demand, and prices will increase along with the weakening of quarantine measures towards the autumn”.

Earlier, in April, it was reported that the difficult situation in Russia due to the spread of the coronavirus, can have a positive impact on the suburban real estate market. According to analysts, the pandemic has increased the attractiveness of the “fence” as a safer type of housing during disasters.