the Period of isolation for many families faced a challenging remote work had to combine with raising children.

“Kommersant” has asked readers how they survived this time.

Alla Dovlatov, actress, and television anchormen.

— I had to work, but the first half of the day I was home with the kids. Then replace the nanny. We all that time spent in the country, and, of course, girls have suffered somewhat from a lack of communication. The only thing I really miss his parents: they are in St. Petersburg, we haven’t seen since March 8. Soon the birthday of one of my daughters, and they really wanted to come to us, but I asked them not to. The lifting of the quarantine is more important for the economy, but for the life of the people, especially the elderly, it is better to wait.

— Several of my children are grown and have given me grandchildren, they live separately. With me in the country house the whole quarantine were 17 children of different ages, and it’s a tough test, they moved normally. Of course, there are the helpers, but we have so accepted that everybody can do any job: cook, clean, etc. We prepare children for normal life and try to teach them to do something with their hands. Was and study on distance — though it could be better organized.

I never so much time not spent with children, is the only positive point, which was during the quarantine. We spent a lot of time outdoors, because I live outside the city. Girls with pleasure have started to play chess, and do once this process involved.

— we Have a family of the quarantine is to remember the birth of our seventh child and fifth son in the family. Study and work with children is a special story. My husband and I do together, and separately, for older kids there are new tasks: one for administering online classes youngest who to support.

If at the beginning of the isolation we sought to fill the day with different activities: collecting jigsaw puzzles, DIY, over time we began to talk about something personal, to remember, to analyze, just be there. The children tried to be quiet, when I had to work. But we all waited for the end of the quarantine, just to hug each other and talk. The lack of live communication noted even children. We specifically conducted a survey among the activists of the Children’s public Council (the main part of the respondents in the age from 14 till 18 years). As a problem during a pandemic 14% of respondents noted the lack of live communication with peers. Replace live communication with a communications network, and even video is how to cook a compote of apples drawn. We understand how necessary and important we are for each other, but to survive and adapt will be able to any condition!

— basically I was engaged, so the teachers remotely. The children have turned to me for help with physics and math. The isolation of the children tolerated well, as we lived in the country. We have a pretty big house and land, and the nearest grove was quite possible to walk, keeping a social distance. I always felt sorry for those trapped in city apartments.

— of Course, me and the wife. Children had no problems and experiences during the quarantine, and we are engaged with them the same as always: lessons, music, games, rides. At us the situation of self-isolation not much impact and did not bring significant changes in life and the order of the day, everything remained the same as before isolation.

— basically takes a wife, I helped quite a bit. Another was distance learning, but you know how it is inefficient. Even the teachers say: no live contact is crap and not training.

the Employees of our Foundation took to themselves for the quarantine period of six terminally ill children. I have lived 12-year-old Kohl. During the quarantine, he has celebrated a birthday at home. Our physical therapist Ilona Absandze picked up a Cola carriage, on which we returned home. However, entering into the entrance after the walk I impossible. Well, when this willing to help neighbors. Now I’m always around and able to cure seizures. Kohl’s will stay here and after quarantine. During this time, I and other staff have conservatorship. In the fall we plan to organize studies in the Fund for these children.

— Quarantine allowed to increase the time I can spend with children. And then, as in any normal family: Babysitting and caring for a newborn Maro, tell stories and play educational games with Mariana and Bagrat. Nothing new, but for the happiness of communicating with children quarantine thank you!

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