Analysts analyzed search queries on the Internet and came to the conclusion that the epidemic of mass psychosis on a background of pandemic coronavirus in scale significantly above the pandemic. The number of search queries on the topic “I’m dying” or “my hands are cold”, which, experts say, pointing to an unprecedented panic, continue to rise due to the reduction of queries from the series “how to bring down the temperature,” indirectly speaking of the magnitude of the pandemic COVID-19.

Queries such as “chest pain”, “cold hands”, “I’m dying”, “whole body burning” issue with the head of neurotics. All these symptoms are in accordance with the International classification of diseases relate to panic attacks.

But the query “how to bring the temperature down”, “fever”, “cough” in the search engines suggests, what about many people fell ill with symptoms of SARS. “Antipyretic” in most cases, searching only when the measured temperature and it became clear that the analgesic really need.

the Query “how to bring down the temperature” even more specific. “In General, if you examine the graphs of such queries over the past few years, it is clear that this year is no different from the previous one, and in April we see the usual marked decline requests that happens every year,” notes in my social networks medical analyst Michael Hardenberg.

For example: in early 2017 such requests was significantly higher, which coincided with the season of influenza and SARS.

“Looking for requests “antipyretic” and “how to bring down the temperature” in 2020 and the end of 2019, we see a surge of viral diseases. According to the schedule “query fever”, the growth started in early November, peaked in early February and then reached the plateau with a gradual decline.

the Second peak started in mid-March and showed a sharp decline in April. On request “how to bring down the temperature” the growth began in mid-November, then there was a peak in the New Year, plateau in February and decline by April. Overall, the picture for both queries are very similar, but there is one interesting detail. On request “antipyretic” peak was on 21 March, apparently, people are massively purchased drugs. After replenishment of stocks of interest to antipyretic gone” – continues the analyst.

If to speak about the query “whole body burn”, “chest pain”, “cold hands”, “I’m dying”, then it is observed a fantastic increase. For example, the number of people wanting to know what to do if “the whole body is burning” from the beginning of the year until 8 February increased 5 times, and then, having overcome the peak February 15-20, began to subside. We can assume that by the time people are still poorly understood symptoms COVID. And now since March 7, the network began to increase the number of requests for “chest pain” (and still growing). From 7 March, the same people began to attack the search engines request “I die.” 14 March began to increase in the category “cold hands”. From mid-March began to grow and the number of requests to “choke” (by the end of April, the growth amounted to 2.5 times).

the sad picture of the deterioration of the health of his compatriots and says twice since the beginning of April to increase calls to the networks requests a “very high pressure” (in previous years this was not observed) and “arrhythmia”.

Since the beginning of March and to this day, like a snowball growing number of requests for the words “intoxication” and “booze” (in April the number of such requests has exceeded last year’s level by more than 2.5 times). All this speaks volumes about how many Russians are trying to take solace in isolation. “Epidemic of psychosis associated with COVID-19, began in Russia on 8 February and reached an unprecedented, an unprecedented level that will have the greatest impact,” says Hardenberg.

“the Current situation causes stress almost every thinking man. Almost everyone was convinced that the virus exists, the disease all occurs in different ways, and already almost everyone has examples of friends with severe illness, says psychiatrist, psychotherapist, narcologist, candidate of medical Sciences Ekaterina Narkevich. – The situation at the peak, the patience of the people at the end.

And there are several factors that lead to stress in addition to the dangers of the virus and economic instability, is self-isolation, which is a deprivation of liberty. We are not allowed to move, emotionally to communicate in confined spaces with relatives, there are often conflicts.

And the weather is really whispering, there is constant change in atmospheric pressure. All this leads to an anxiety disorder, which has double flowers bloom hypochondriacal mood – the man begins to dig and discovers different vegetative and physical characteristics.

Now each of iron say that the coronavirus may be asymptomatic, and then cause a sharp deterioration, scaring many, and the information field is so negative that not even prone to hypochondria people become raging hypochondriacs, hypochondriacs, even malignant. Some see rashes on the skin. Yourself make up one’s mind can be anything, and only the temperature increase to subfebrile with an effort of will is now at the time, it learned everything. In addition, all focused on his breathing, which suddenly some difficult, sometimes causing suffocation.

to Lose touch with reality easily. In these difficult circumstances, I advise patients: no need to invent what is not. Most people carry this virus without symptoms, or tolerance to him with each passing day the number is growing tolerant because of the small doses we receive all vaccinations. In our densely city already, of course.and all met with this virus.

Think first constructive rather then destructive. Hygiene of thinking that we need to develop. Before you get scared, calm down, breathe and think, and if you were so bad? During stress, the brain produces large amounts of cortisol. In addition to increased heartbeat, nausea, chills the substance gives the feeling of weakness and weakness, and sometimes very difficult to diagnose: stress is a weakness or a viral intoxication?

Cortisol makes a person confused and vulnerable to viruses, disables samoerai mode. So you need to do anything to the fountain of cortisol to stop and that his rich imagination not to cause increased generation.

If the sense of heat or lack of air in 3-4 minutes passed and it became easier, then, is a physiological reaction of the body, including in the framework of meteozavisimosti. To break and fall off easily, but not the man, who falls and who rises. Count the heart rate, respiratory rate and think that everything is in place. Then turn off the fountain of the stress hormone, and the body itself will come in order. Most people are quite able to cope with his emotions and his mind”.