the Russian Embassy in the US issued a statement condemning Washington for trying to falsify the historical truth about the events of the Second world war. The reason for this statement was the competition for the 75th anniversary of the Victory, declared the American Embassy in Hungary held at the state Department grants US.

participants of the competition are invited to present oral evidence, the participants in the events of the Second world war. And it is said that they should tell not only about holokote, or “acts of humanity and resistance,” but the evidence “about the tyranny of the Soviet Union” during the war.

the fact of the announcement of such contest in such a country as Hungary looks weird, though, because Hungary during the war was an ally of Germany. The Hungarian second army fought at Stalingrad, where it was broken. Moreover, fighting in the Soviet Union telling you many witnesses – Hungarian soldiers were particularly brutal.

the appeal of the Russian Embassy on his Facebook page, encouraged Russian diplomats to the American side, “to waive knowingly false, the unworthy and pseudo programs.”

the Military expert, the Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, Hero of Russia, major General Sergey Linden commented on the “MK” the U.S. initiative to conduct such competitions to the 75-th anniversary of Victory.

– This is not the first case when the US is trying to rewrite world history, especially the history of the Second world war – said the expert. – Attempts to belittle the Soviet Union and expose him for the tyrant repeated from year to year with an enviable constancy. The role of the main winner of fascism States gladly try on. Mean nothing to them millions of Soviet citizens who gave their lives to liberate the whole world from fascist invaders. In the minds of the US people as if never existed at all.

the Cynicism of America long ago crossed the border, but Russia will not allow distortion of historical facts. Too these events memorable for our people. So everyone, especially the youth, must know the history of their country: it was here that the defeated fascist regime, he did a u-turn in the most terrible war in human history, which was almost worldwide, and that our soldiers hoisted over the Reichstag Victory Banner.