How to reduce payments for water, when consumption grows

however, water consumption by the population began to grow. As reported in “Russian communal systems”, this trend was already noticeable at the 20 th March. Then the use of water by residents in the towns served by the company (among them – Tambov, Perm, Samara, Tolyatti, Blagoveshchensk, etc.) grew by 11.6% in comparison with the average monthly indices of the previous years. “In March, according to the transmitted to the subscribers meter readings, water consumption increased by 17.3% in comparison with March of last year,” according to the company. In the “RKS” explain this transfer of residents to remote work and that because of fear of infection, people are much more likely to wash their hands. The introduction of the regime of self-isolation in most regions, obviously, will increase bills residents for water.

the Ministry of labor: Remote work will not lead to lower wages

In “Mosvodokanal” have given a number of tips on how to save water in the home.

do Not turn on the water full stream – 90% of the cases, it is only a small pressure, thus spending less in 4-5 times.

Take a shower and not a bath. This reduces water consumption by 5-7 times.

Use of innovative mixers and showers with the capture of the air – it reduces water consumption by 40% compared to conventional models, saving a family of three will be more than four thousand rubles a year.

Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

If the toilet is not equipped with a second button for economical drain, can be put in the reservoir two-liter plastic bottle filled with water. This will reduce the volume of drainage water and save 20 litres a day.

Photo: Konstantin Michalczewski/RIA Novosti In isolation a family can save up to six thousand in a week

Use the dishwasher and washing mthe machines, they lose water more economical than washing by hand. In this case run them at full load.

don’t defrost foods under running water from the tap, let them thaw naturally.

do Not use the toilet as a trash can to avoid wasting water for flushing.

this is not to skimp on hand washing, except that you can turn off the water while soaping. Frequent hand washing, remind the doctors, now one of the main ways to avoid infection with coronavirus. Please note that the increased water bills the residents on isolation kompensiruet reduction in the cost of commuting to work. Pensioners who are mostly at home, the amount of receipts significantly must not be changed.