Prolonged isolation changes the habitual way of life. Surprisingly, sitting at home have started to envy those who are forced to go to work.

on the one hand, the sudden abundance of free time allowed women to redo a bunch of household chores. But the isolation and the reverse of the medal: many women have ceased to look after themselves, because nobody sees. Bangs growing back, not exposing the roots of the hair, favorite dress after a month of walking in my pajamas from the fridge to the couch can be a tight fit at the waist. And the reluctance somehow have to fit into that dress… After all, the gown of course more convenient. But it would be a mistake, I’m sure the image stylist and trainer for makeup Oksana Denisova. She told the readers of “RG” on how to look confident and stylish, without leaving home, and most importantly – why can’t I run appearance even in conditions of isolation.

what is to go home, if not in scrubs or sweats and a t-shirt?

Oksana Denisova: If you are constantly in my robe or shirt with shorts, this relaxation is enhanced and you certainly not will style your hair. This is especially unacceptable for working women.

you Have to understand that clothing collects, adjusts on a working harmony. Wearing beautiful underwear, a blouse, and even pants or jeans, you will immediately feel collected, configured to work. You can wear, for example, a dress made of knit, which is comfortable.

Collect long hair in a simple hairstyle, short blow-dry with a Hairdryer with comb, guiding the strands along the lines of haircuts. Apply the cream, a little blush and lipstick for a healthy complexion. And it will make more and bring the eye contour and eyebrows. Fresh image creates a good mood and working attitude, gives confidence when talking with colleagues via video links, etc.

does it make sense at least sometimes to try on their outfits, pose in front of a mirror – at least to set the mood?

Oksana Denisova: While you are at home in isolation, there is a sense to disassemble the closet, clean winter clothes to prepare for the season spring-summer.

Sooner or later, but still we’re waiting for a normal life! Imagine how you will return to work for colleagues to see family and friends after a long separation, you will walk through the summer city.

So stop moping, start preparing to go out with a new wardrobe! Fortunately now all the shops are online. And you have still enough time to order some beautiful dresses, a few jackets and skirts (pants), pick them accessories. And how wonderful to try on new outfits to show off in front of a mirror and collect new images for upcoming appearances. And while to dress the house and for themselves, raising self-esteem and realizing that you’re Kras��TKA. And don’t forget about the family: our husbands and children want to see the beautiful wife and mother!

In every woman’s wardrobe there is a shelf “And suddenly lose weight?”. What do you think, is it worth it to save up for things that are impossible to put on now, or better to say goodbye to them?

Oksana Denisova: I recommend an audit of the wardrobe every season, by removing from it the things that are already worn and obsolete. Not worth keeping and those that are already small. However, here we need to understand your figure: if it tend to frequently change the weight, then it makes sense to leave the base things of classic style. You will always be able to get them in the next season and to beat the fashionable add-ons. But if the figure changes only “one way”, and the weight of it is not reduced, there is no point in saving things that are small. They will only clutter your wardrobe and spoil the mood, because you will never be able to wear them.

What advice would you give to women: how to look good in private salons, beauty salons, fitness centers?

Oksana Denisova: a Woman can always look great, continuing to take care of themselves. And closed beauty salons – is not a reason to abandon a manicure, a stylish hairstyle and makeup. After all, what we do with your appearance is first and foremost for yourself. The Internet has a lot of videos about how to do manicure at home. If you have no tools for this, they can also be purchased online with delivery. Besides the fact that you will save on going to the salon, there is also a secondary benefit: once and for all learn how to do a manicure yourself. And it is a useful skill for life, full of surprises and changes.

Now everything is clear: life will never be the same, everything is changing rapidly, and we must be ready for it. If you can’t dye your hair, you can make painting houses. Call your master, consult him about the color of paint and the fact that you need to color hair at home. If this is not possible, use information from the Internet. Paint now can be purchased in the supermarket and special shops.

With a haircut more difficult, however, there’s always a way. If the hair, for styling you can use any curlers or Curling irons. Select quality for you to this ritual in the morning did not take long. A basal volume or a Perm will give any haircut a good shape! With long hair is easier – you can change the parting and to do different hairstyles for a change.

And to maintain shape, body tone and good mood can be purchased on the Internet interesting to you a video course to do at home several times a week. Despite the fact that the fitness centers are closed, all training are conducted in the online format. Stay beautiful sunthe IME and anywhere!