Comply with the self-isolation in quarantine and a healthy person is not easy. What challenges face people with disabilities?

Michael Terentyev: People with disabilities health and disabilities at risk, and therefore have a special responsibility to observe the rules of isolation. They need regular medicines, products for cooking. Here is to hope for help from social services, volunteers providing great support to the population in all regions of Russia. Of course, people with disabilities are turning to them for help. And they should not be ashamed or afraid of it. Volunteers today, in the first place, work for them.

In connection with the introduction of quarantine measures, much has changed in the legislation. What changes have affected people with disabilities?

Michael Terentyev: Today simplified the procedure for inspection of citizens to establish disability. From 1 March to 1 October medical-social examination will be conducted in absentia. It will help hundreds of thousands of people to avoid infection with coronavirus.

So, for those who first confirms the disability, documents in the ITU in electronic form will give the clinic, i.e., human involvement is not required. And when re-examination of the previously installed group of disability shall be automatically extended for six months. This does not require application or written consent of a citizen, are not required to take the survey and collect the documents.

the Decision to develop the individual program of rehabilitation and habilitation today is accepted not later than 3 working days prior to the expiration of a preset period of disability. In the social insurance Fund in the form of an electronic document is sent a statement with a list of necessary technical means of rehabilitation, is developing a new program with the inclusion of the previously recommended rehabilitation measures. Then information about the installed disability are transferred to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, and information on the individual program of rehabilitation and habilitation in social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation and regional Executive authorities.

Certificates of disability and the individual program of rehabilitation and habilitation are stored in the Federal Bureau of mediko-social examination. Information on the results of medico-social examination are also posted in the Federal register of persons with disabilities in the prescribed manner.

the Quarantine will end sooner or later. What is planned to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities? What are the objectives?

Michael Terentyev: Today, you need to make all in order to fulfill the tasks envisaged by the state program “Accessible environment”. It is important to not infringe the rights and interests of people with disabilities. After the release of “coronaries” you must enable vital for them rehabilitation industry to the list affected by the pandemic sectors, to ensure continuous operation of rehabilitation centers and organizations that produce technical AIDS. It is also necessary to support the employment of persons with disabilities, to assist them in finding employment. Today suspended the activities of many enterprises and public organizations, which employ people with disabilities. It is difficult to predict what the outcome of crisis for them. So enterprises today need more support measures, similar to those that are small and medium businesses.