MOSCOW, may 25 — RIA Novosti, Maria Selivanova. the entrance to the salon — the masks and gloves, food disposable plate, get up from the chair in the toilet, call the flight attendant only when life is threatened. In the coming months, flights will be more like a special operation, not the beginning of a long-awaited vacation.

How to behave on Board, where to sit, where to go and how much it will have to pay — in the material RIA Novosti.

Suitcase, passport, money and ticket is still a standard set of travellers during the pandemic had expanded.

it is now possible to Fly only with gloves and masks to change that to be every three hours. The CPS, the guidelines emphasizes on Russian flights this equipment must provide the carriers. But when flying some foreign airlines, the mask will have to be purchased independently. For example, as explained to RIA Novosti in the Lufthansa Group, these rules are installed in the subsidiaries SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Air Dolomiti.

Before the flight passengers and crew members will measure the temperature. With increased to the salon will not be allowed, so it prescribes the CPS.

Rules of planting also changed, it was gradual. First come aboard passengers, whose seats in the tail of the plane so as not to intersect with those who are sitting in the front. At the entrance — treatment with antiseptics.

once again touch switches, handrails, handles undesirable. Although the interior is now clean, using a disinfectant and carefully clean the surface that travelers touch more often.

Initially, the CPS insisted on the observance of social distance in the cabin, the passengers in this case is not more than 50 per cent. And airlines comply with this recommendation today is simple: flying is not enough.

“If the load allows, the registration system assigns a location over the range and through the place apart,” — said in the S7 Airlines. Foreign carriers are the same. “The middle seat remains empty, while on Board will not be more than 89 people,” — said in AirBaltic.

But the Association of air transport operators (aato) has asked the government to abolish this rule. The airlines say such a restriction is redundant: it will lead to higher prices and reduced flights. However, the Board does not have to get sick to do this before boarding the measured temperature. And ventilation and air-conditioning in the cabin refresh the air every few minutes, which prevents the spread of the virus.

transport Minister Eugene Dietrich noted that the flights profitable when you load the plane at least 72-75 percent, and if the ropes through one, then the tickets will cost from 70 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, more than half of travellers (53 per cent) not willing to overpay for a security.

In the end, the Federal air transport Agency, Federal service and the Ministry of transport have jointly issued regulations for the carriage. Question of chess style there. But spelled out three stages of withdrawal restrictions due pandemic.

you Need to keep your distance now, not only during landing, but during flight, including in the toilet queue. Food and drinks to carry on Board only in a sealed package. The temperature of travelers will be measured twice — at the entrance to the airport and landing.

the International air traffic is stopped, but this does not prevent travelers to plan future trips and even purchase tickets. Most are now interested in the Russian areas. The leaders — Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and southern city of Sochi, Krasnodar, Anapa, Simferopol, according to the reservation services.

the Share of purchases of flights abroad are small — from 0.7 to five percent. And most people interested in tickets to the CIS countries, shopping in Europe and the United States, the experts called point.

After finishing modes non-business days the interest in transportation has increased, analysts say.

“In the period from the 1st to the 20th of may we booked 3.2 times more tickets than in the same April — said PR Director one of the services Gregory meadow. — However, the indicators may 2020 still more than ten times lower than a year ago.”

the Tourists began to purchase tickets in advance: in April, three-quarters of passengers will pay a few days before departure, may do so only two thirds, said the head of the press service other online-service travel Elena Shelekhova.

the Average cost of the aircraft has not changed and is about 16 thousand rubles, experts say. But some airlines are ready to attract customers with low fares.

So, “Victory”, renewable flights from June 1, plans to cut prices three times. More than 60 percent of tickets for June will be sold at the price from 499 to 2999 rubles.

“Azimut” offers cheap routes between regions: for example, from Simferopol to Mineralnye Vody can be reached 888 rubles. The same amount for a ticket from Krasnodar to Simferopol and Astrakhan.

the Company NordWind after August 1, ready to take tourists from the capital to Noumea or Simferopol for 3.5 thousand rubles, and in Anapa even cheaper — for 2.6 thousand.