FOCUS online is calling out the big Germany savings day! Throughout the day you will receive tips from our price masters on how to keep your money together or even multiply it. At 1 p.m., frugalist and savings fox Florian Wagner will talk live about how you can save without restrictions.

Germany is groaning under inflation, money worries are getting out of hand. FOCUS online helps you with the Germany Savings Day: Experts give tips and show in videos how to react to increased bills, use your money precisely and where you can save. Tell us your problems and the price masters will help.

Everything is getting more expensive, and the hole in the household budget is getting bigger. Help from Germany’s price champions is just what you need! We have valuable tips for your worries and needs, so that you can make ends meet financially.

Describe your case and send us your documents (copies of contract, utility bills, cover letter, invoices) to so that we can deal with them in detail. You are also welcome to give us your complete contact details if there are any questions.

Today you will receive concentrated know-how so that you don’t get lost in the financial crisis: In a live interview starting at 1 p.m., frugalist and blogger Florian Wagner explains how you can retire at the age of 40 and how you can save without restricting yourself. Many other guides will help you specifically: Check your budget and arrange your purchases differently, optimize your finances and also earn some extra money in old age, cook yourself cheap and filling.

from 8 a.m.: Always not enough money? Optimize finances in three steps

from 11 a.m.: Life hacks in the household: electricity prices are exploding, this is how you get through the winter

from 1 p.m.: Live talk with Florian Wagner, frugalist and finance blogger, about saving without giving up

from 3 p.m.: collect your pension and keep working: this is how you outsmart inflation

from 6 p.m.: Prepare food: save time and budget through clever planning

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