How to carry out the isolation of the actors and Directors

Valery Barinov: I Managed to escape to the country

“I managed to escape to his country home, – told “RG” the national actor of Russia Valery Barinov. – And so much going on here, I’m afraid those days are dedicated to the isolation, not enough for me! I’m on vacation ten years was not. All health, prosperity and harmony in the soul. Do not watch TV, and after watching one program, where I argued virologists, immunologists, etc., I can not understand how I to 74 years survived!”.

Photo with a shovel at the cottage yesterday, the actor made specially for the “Russian newspaper”.

mark sandrich: My work not terminatedmark sandrich. Photo: From personal archive

“My work does not stop for one day” – said “RG” Director of theater and cinema, writer mark sandrich.

Photo: iStock Start the morning at the quarantine along with the Governor and the sports stars

4 APR 18 hours presentation online new series of his books in the genre Thriller/horror. You can see it here.

“at the same time our film company continues to prepare for shooting the new film “Just Loco!”, dedicated to the famous hockey team “Lokomotiv”, who died tragically in a plane crash in 2011″, – said the author.

Only once did all the work while there is the online, said Alenikov. Is casting, actors daily send him your video, perform the job. “Next week we start the audition, using the Zoom system, the Director says. Shooting is scheduled for early June, so I want to believe that by this time this whole nightmare will end. In the meantime we need to continue to do the best possible under these conditions. To use this time most productively.”

Dmitry Meskhiev: Write a script about young people of Petersburg Photo: From personal archive of Dmitry Meshieva

With the art Director of the Pskov academic drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, the film Director Dmitry Meshalim were able to talk more. He, too, specially for the publication in “RG” was photographed. Together with his dog.

Dmitry Dmitrievich, now, probably not soon we will see the premiere?

#Sidengama to good use. Where to place information about native veterans

Dmitry Meskhiev: Yes, our theater is closed like any other. But we are still preparing the play for the Victory Day. Petersburg Director Maxim Fomin rehearsing online, from home, and the actors house.

the Play “Days of Victory (Monologues about the war)” a contemporary playwright Ksenia Stepanycheva allows you to do is to work with artists individually. Hope we will release this premiere before the end of the season.

Waiting for another premiere production directed by Peter Shereshevsky “the Village of Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants” under Dostoevsky’s novel. We still made and played in the empty hall in March. Very strange, I must say, feeling: on the one hand, in the hall sat a few people, of their, on the other hand, even in this there was something pathetic to play the show as a whole, live in the empty hall.

will there Be this year, the Pushkin theatrical festival which you spend every year in Pskov?

Dmitry Meskhiev: We are currently negotiating with the administration of the Pskov region, with the Foundation of culture and will appeal to the Union of theatrical figures. Want to spend this time festival online.

we Will negotiate with theaters to show the performances in the recording. Make recording lectures of famous experts and maybe some collective discussion. The theater will open in may, then we’ll run the lab, invite artists, critics, art historians.

A movie?

Dmitry Meskhiev: I am sitting at home, almost never go anywhere, use suddenly appeared free time – write the script. Soon I will add, I guess.

What genre is?

Dmitry Meskhiev: There’s a lot of everything: romance, and mystery, Comedy, a little adventure… About the youth of St. Petersburg. A young man tries to get out of depression.

Photo: iStock How to survive a quarantine and not to divorce

I did not are afflicted quarantine situation. I honestly relate to isolation calmly, philosophically, I don’t see sitting at home is no disaster. I have quite a lot of household chores that I don’t miss. Can always find myself something to do in the first place, for self-development. Can be enjoyed, such as sports. Of course, it’s easier for me – I live out of town, but I think people always can think of something to do. Not only to sit at the TV and use the time properly, something to read, to know, to do, to what before, in the race of modern life hands did not reach.

no need to Panic. There have been worse times, and Pushkin wrote about it. Will take it for granted. Yeah, no earnings, it is difficult to go grocery shopping, even in stores, but it is necessary to survive.

“RG” will continue to publish stories of famous people about its isolation.

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