– First of all, you need to determine your hair type. Four of them:

the Normal type – characterized by a healthy glow, only slight damage to the tips after washing the hair remains fresh for 2-3 days.

Dry type – dull, slow growing hair. It is sufficient to wash once a week, the hair does not become greasy at the roots. The bold type in order to sustain their fresh appearance, the hair needs to be washed almost every day. And finally, mixed the most common type of hair that needs regular proper care.

the First step is the selection of shampoo on the hair type. It is important to read its composition on the bottle, and individualized means possible, even at the local supermarket, not necessarily resorting to professional or luxury brands.

For normal hair suitable shampoo with a pH of 5 to 7, such a lot.

For dry, porous, colored hair-sulfate-free shampoo, nourishing or moisturizing, with oils. For oily and mixed hair shampoo suitable with content of herbal extracts: nettle, chamomile, sage, birch, currant, which obladayuschaya effect.

Many people wash their hair incorrectly – just one time causing the shampoo. And need to wash your hair in 2 stages: lather, lather and rinse, then apply shampoo again, gently massage the scalp 3-5 minutes, rinse and then apply conditioner, mask or leave-in hair serum. For porous hair is dry and painted – this is a mandatory step.

For oily hair suitable mask with clay content, vitamins A and C. besides, It is necessary to pay attention to your diet – eat less fried, spicy, salty, drink more water.

hair Mask is for all hair types, this regular treatment helps to restore collagen in them. But when choosing ready-made masks or when making masks at home, you also need to consider the type of hair, otherwise the effect can be reversed.

To maintain the beauty of hair is normal type, it is enough to do 2-3 times a month. For the recovery of the follicles dry and oily hair, restore the Shine, you need a more intensive exposure – every 5 days. It is important to choose the right recipe and procedure to do it with this mask without changing its composition during at least one month.

recipes of homemade masks much: kefir, egg, oat. Each has its own secret application, some should be applied to clean hair, the other dirty, some are applied on wet, others dry, etc.

Here are a couple of simple but effective recipes.

Yogurt mask for dry hair. Take half a Cup of yogurt, one egg yolk, one teaspoon oil (can use vegetable and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil). Blend butter with Gildo�� and introduce the mixture into the yogurt, well permeate. Apply the composition to dry hair, wrap with foil and towel to keep for about an hour and rinse with warm water using shampoo.

Yogurt mask for oily hair. The same half a Cup of yogurt, 2-3 teaspoons of cosmetic clay, one teaspoon of lemon juice mix and heat up to body temperature and applied to judge the hair, wrap with foil and towel to keep for half an hour and rinse with warm water using shampoo.

Another versatile natural ingredient for hair care – henna.

Dry hair it will make it more dense, and fat will add Shine and fluffiness. Henna is a great remedy for dandruff. Classic henna gives a red-red shade, so it should not be used to blondes, but the brunette she is very fit, set off the color of their hair. Owner of dark hair can use a mixture of henna and Basma.

rinse hair after shampooing is ideal available over the counter herbs – nettle for dark hair and chamomile – for light. The filter bags or the loose herb should be brewed like ordinary tea infusion pour in a jug of warm water and rinse their hair.

In drugstores and aqueous solutions of vitamin complexes, which can be added to shampoo. Elena advised to choose those in which many different amino acids and highly purified water, but they do not contain hormones. Such complexes stimulate hair growth by awakening dormant hair follicles, help to regulate the oiliness, restore water-lipid balance and to combat alopecia.

Regular hair color is also one of the stages of care. Modern paint dried roots of oily hair, conditioners after coloring to nourish dry hair.

of Course, most women are trusted by hair professionals. But in terms of isolation it is possible to follow their color. All the colors that are sold in supermarkets, suitable for home use, you only need to carefully read the instructions and carefully mix the ingredients in the specified proportions.

If the hair was first painted, then podkashivaet only the roots, keeping the time specified in the leaflet. Do not fear, “home” coloring will not react with the previous salon, if you follow all the rules, and will help you to stay well-groomed and wait for the next in-salon treatments.

For roots, choose a color suitable to the color of the tips of the hair – this will create the effect of naturalness, and even the shortcomings of the staining of the roots, especially if it is the first experience of home dyeing, will not be visible.

the Blonde should get a paint on a tone less, i.e. darker than the color on the tips of the hair, and cause her, retreating a little from the roots, so as not to burn through them.

The fair-haired girls who quarantine is used a trendy technique of painting “Shatush”, “Balaj” or “Hollywood highlights” this period without staining in the cabin will be less noticeable. But they may face the problem of yellow bleached hair. Usually it cleans well “purple” shampoo, but if it is missing or it ended, then fit toning tonic mother-of-pearl, pearl, platinum, silver tones.

For the period of recovery of hair is better to abandon the aggressive influence of electrical means for stacking of plates and irons. In normal times, to use them often also not worth it, but if you still use them regularly, you should not forget about the means of thermal protection.