Dozens of bodies found in trucks, standing near funeral homes in new York. This terrible discovery was made by one of the passers-by, complained about the smell and called the police. Police arrived and found that funeral homes rented four trucks to store dozens of bodies of people killed by the coronavirus. Despite a large public outcry, the criminal case against employees of the morgue were not opened – no violation of the law did not see it.

Coronavirus involuntarily compared to the great epidemics of the past – with the plague and Spanish flu. Fortunately, now the situation is not as catastrophic as at the time, but some terrible manifestation of the epidemic is preserved. During those pandemics was the practice of mass graves of the victims – to organize a normal funeral was dangerous. Now get that only in new York, however, the case that occurred in Brooklyn shocked the whole of America.

four trucks parked near the morgue in Brooklyn were found the bodies of people who died during the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to mortuary workers, they simply cannot cope with the load of the pandemic in the United States have died 60 thousand people.

In new York dies of 245 people per day, and according to the doctors, 200 of these deaths from the coronavirus. On the scale of the new York city morgue and the funeral home was not designed. They are asking for help from the city authorities – or twist themselves, as did the employees of the morgue in Brooklyn.

Despite the large public outcry, criminal prosecution, they are not threatened. However, the President of the Brooklyn district of new York Eric Adams promised that the local government will conduct a full investigation. “We should not have what you have now. Trucks with bodies should not stand along our streets,” – said the head of the district.

However, what to do about the morgue workers – no one in particular can not say. Not accept the new body they have no right, and space for all is simply not enough. The state government is trying to help, but is not very good.

as of the support measures deployed a special “morgues on wheels” – in contrast to conventional trucks, these machines are refrigerated, and they are suited for storage of telephone That’s only rent these machines lies not on the city’s budget, not the organizations that rent them.

“the Authorities pretend that the shortage of places is our fault, although it’s definitely not our fault. They do not help us,” said the American journalists of one of the Directors of the new York morgue. He actually accused the government that they refused as-or to financially support their businesses in a difficult moment.

Not much help and legal regulations, which in this case seem to be half-measures, not ��straymouse anyone. On the one hand, the authorities allowed to arrange a mass grave in the district of HART island those bodies for whom the relatives are not in a period of two weeks (earlier this deadline was 30 days). However, in the context of a pandemic, even 14 days is a very long time, which can not cope funeral home.

on the other hand, given the specificity of America, 14 days – negligible time. Many relatives of those who became the victims of the epidemic in new York live in other States, and given the existing restrictions in movement, they just can’t come. And even if they somehow manage to get to state, they are there waiting for the quarantine, which lasts just two weeks. And in any case they will not have time. And this, in turn, is likely to lead to lawsuits, which will be the impact of the pandemic.

How to solve this problem – is unclear. According to the operator of the funeral home Brooklyn Patrick Marmo, “nobody in new York could not cope with such a flow of bodies”. And most importantly, it is not clear what to do with it until then, until the epidemic ends.

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