Today it is too early to name any concrete date of occurrence of the coronavirus vaccine of a new type, says member of the Committee of the upper house of the Russian Parliament on social policy, honored doctor of Russia Vladimir Round. The expert still sounded optimistic Outlook.

According to him, the vaccine for coronavirus, a new type can appear only by the end of the year. About this expert said in an interview with “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”.

“to Speak about any concrete terms of creating a vaccine difficult: research is really carried out around the world. But I am one of those who are optimistic about this process, and I think that by the end of the year the advent of a vaccine against coronavirus is possible”, — quotes the edition of words of a specialist.

the Expert recalled in early April, the law that gives authorities the right in emergency cases to establish a simplified procedure for registration of drugs, including vaccines. According to the interlocutor of the edition, thanks to these measures on the registration of new drug when it appears you may need a little time.

“At the time when there was an urgent need to register the polio vaccine, did it in three days. I think something similar will be done in relation to vaccine coronavirus infection,” said the doctor.

Earlier, the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Sergey Avdeev stated that the most important symptom pointing to a severe form of a new type of coronavirus, is not the temperature with cough and shortness of breath.

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