No exception will be no street viewers holiday “Scarlet sails”, traditionally held in St. Petersburg on the twentieth of June, and putting bright, colorful, unforgettable point in the school life of the graduate. And not only St. Petersburg. Yes, “live” festival was held for graduates of the Northern capital, but thanks to the live broadcast of channel five and the ubiquitous Internet to watch a great show could be anyone. Brig under crimson sails, driven by noble Arthur gray, symbolizes the faith in a bright future and at the same time hinting to the young people that it is in their own hands, and only up to them which way to rotate the wheel.

Given the still complicated epidemic situation in the country, the festival organizers decided that “Scarlet sails – 2020” in the current year will replace offline format on television. When this great show will retain all of their best elements: the unique water spectacle, the concert of the best artists of the country and the passage of the brig under the scarlet sails. The full version of the festival – star stage, theatrical performance on the water, as well as the appearance of the white of the brig “Russia” under volleys of salute – see only the viewers of channel five. Other Central channels will show only the culmination of the fireworks show and the passage of a ship in the Gulf of Finland.

this year marks the 140 anniversary of the birth of the author of the famous novel “Scarlet sails” by Alexander green. And concert performances of Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, rapper ST and other popular performers will be devoted to the works of the writer. The author of the script and producer of the concert part of the festival was the film Director of world renown Vasily Barkhatov. Leading “Scarlet sails” will be Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova.

the scene is almost finished. And since “Scarlet sails” has always been famous for the fact that they use the most advanced technical developments, the organizers decided to depart from tradition and add multimedia effects in the performances during the broadcast.

“actually, no matter in what location the action takes place. It matters who it’s delivered and how it is done,”- shares her impressions the participant of the show “Scarlet sails-2020”, Valery Vershinin.

“Scarlet sails-2020” definitely not inferior in scope and entertainment of previous holidays, and the number of television and Internet viewers will certainly achieve a new record. Several dozen television cameras will not miss a single detail of the holiday.

“We are always true to the principle that our show has to evolve and every year it only gets better to surprise and amaze. We maintain the best traditions and yet we realize the most daring ideas. And of course, we are waiting for a completely fresh new effect, which we x��Tim to make on our viewers,” says Director of the project “Alye Parusa – 2020” Michael Kalpakchieva.

Before the holiday still have a few days, and preparations are in full swing. White brig “Rossiya” came in the Gulf of Finland, scarlet sails took their places on the masts. Now the crew is upping the new route path. But who will lead the brig under crimson sails to the most romantic night of June? On the role of captain gray claimed by many professional vocalists. At the final stage of the contest snatched a victory from Opera singer Andrew Maksimov – a young man with a unique tenor and noble appearance. Now he strenuously rehearsing the title song of celebration and hones acting skills. Under cover of the white nights young Assol in a light white dress, fluttering in the wind, more confident in the waves, preparing for a meeting with your dream in the most romantic night of the summer.

the Port people of the city of Lissa this time replace professional drummers. For their show prepared tiered decorations in urban style. The room promises to be bright, dynamic and, of course, quite loud.

the Pirates, about whom the young Arthur gray had read in books, will move from sea to land and will be surrounded by machines and other hardware. Symbiosis favorite novel, the great dreamer of the green and the Director’s imagination… won’t tell you what happens next, turn on 27 June, the Fifth channel and see for yourself. The project team will make every effort to make the holiday of graduates “Scarlet sails-2020” became every sail of hope and a guiding star in adult life.


“Scarlet sails” – the world’s only great performance, dedicated to high school graduates. The first celebration took place on 27 June 1968. On this day in Leningrad schoolchildren first met on the banks of the Neva river, the Brigantine under scarlet sails – a symbol of hope and faith in the future and the fulfillment of your dreams. The holiday of graduates was conducted until 1979, and then, after a long break, the tradition was revived in 2005 with the support of Bank Rossiya, the St. Petersburg government and channel five.

“Scarlet sails” contribute to the growth of the tourist flow in the Northern capital, bring the fame of the city worldwide. It is the only Russian festival listed in the world’s event tourism and recommended to visit in almost 20 European Union countries. Last year the event broke the record for the number of spectators who watched the performance from the embankment – there were almost half a million. And more than 10 million people watched the sails, the colors of the dawn online.

In 2019, the feast of “Scarlet sails” became a winner of the prestigious international competition World Best Event Awards, receiving glawnow the award Iconic Event Award-2019 and two silver statuettes in the categories of Best Musical Event and Best Bea 2019 World Agency-2019.