In the fan club of the musician Andrei Gubin in Instagram appeared fresh pictures of the singer. A few days ago, the executor of hits “Lisa” and “the Boy tramp” turned 46 years old. On this occasion he arrived in Moscow to your close friends.

And another picture from Ulyana @ulianakarakoz ??! Thank You so much for giving us the opportunity to see our Andrew ♥ it’s amazing . #Ondragover

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He visited his longtime girlfriend, singer and composer Uliana Karakoz. There he went with his close friend producer Taras Washimine, who recently told the news of the musician. In particular, Madisyn talked about the fact that Gubin will soon return to the stage. Now he is preparing new songs and working on a new album.

a Day of surprises!??? Ulyanochka @ulianakarakoz, thank you!!! ?? #Repost @ulianakarakoz (@get_repost) — Finally, Andrew made the trip)! Had a good time! Everything will be fine! ?????? #ondragover #Laguna #movieretriever #has muzykantskaya @tarasbeat

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Meanwhile, the view of Andrei Gubin led to shock some of his fans.

“He’s only 46, and he looks…. Sadly, of course”, “What has become of him”, “Time is cruel”, “Andrew, you are our poor”.

We will note that Andrey Gubin for more than ten years ago left the scene. The bright artist, who at the time was a huge army of fans, started health problems. He had a severe pain in the left side of the face.