Producer Andrey Razin commented in his Instagram a court decision at the suit of the former soloist of the group "Tender may" sounded on the rights on the songs of the band.

The Moscow arbitration court on Friday declared illegal the licensing agreement from 1 April 2016, by which an individual entrepreneur Ruslan Filatov gave the right to the use of the musical works of the group of companies "Honest music". The representative of open company "Honest music" argued in court that Filatov got these right from Razin.

"today, Yuri Shatunov, and all the soloists of the group "Tender may" without the permission of the copyright holder have no right to sing the band’s songs. All documents supporting the position of the right holder, will be presented to the court, and will be validly" – written by the producer.

According to Razin, the court did not notify him about the employment process, and the judge, which ruled, "not seen in the eye" nor the copyright holder. However, he promised to appeal the decision and expressed the view that "a higher court will cancel the decision".

"the right holder will prove to the court that no basis for such a solution. So the fact that Yuri Shatunov sings these songs is a gross violation of the law. This decision will never become law, because the law is on the side of copyright holders," concluded Razin.

"Tender may" is a popular Soviet and Russian musical group, was established in 1986 in Orenburg boarding school № 2 head of music mug by Sergei Kuznetsov with the participation of 13-year-old student of the school of Yuri Shatunova. Commercial success came to the group after she noticed Andrei Razin, who worked as a group administrator "Mirage". "Tender may" with soloist by Shatunova in the late 80-ies was wildly popular.