“In the case of visual inspection, it was found that the safety distance to the weekly market, is not respected”, he said justifying the decision. Despite the constant instructions of the regulatory Agency staff have not improved the Situation.

on Saturday, the town had some masks to distribute to happen on Tuesday. Both market visitors and market traders to get masks. “On the first day we will give no warnings or fines in case of violations, impose, on the following days but with security,” said the WHETHER.

On Saturday, many market traders were not informed, and wondered where to get over the holidays at all masks for their employees. “We were not addressed on this new mask of duty on Saturday of the city,” says Hans-Werner Strohm, of the fruits and vegetables at the weekly market offers. The measure is not misleading and would scare off more customers – already crisis by the Corona-less Halle to shop on the market.

florist Massoud Swery had provided in the previous week, even for the necessary minimum distance of the customer’s staff on its Stand and with the adhesive film to marks on the floor upset.

Besides, he had opened three instead of just one Fund, so that the customer distribute better. “The people have accepted it, mostly,” he says. The only one of the dealers he had on Saturday a mask – but that’s only because an employee had seen the distribution action of the city, in the proximity of Handel monument at random, and a mask was obtained. “Of course I have for my employees and me to have fear because of the Corona Virus. But how do I get to Tuesday, protective masks?“ (mz)

This article was written by Silvia Zöller

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