Germany is gradually, literally step by step out of the isolation mode. Open fashion stores, playgrounds, libraries.

We asked Antje Goldman, resident of Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein), about the situation in the nursing home where her mother resides, and how there was the fate of the animals from the local zoo, which was nothing to feed.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I work online and rarely leave home because you are afraid to get sick and don’t want to risk it. A couple of days ago is out with friends to walk in the forest. In the supermarket there are not more than twice a month. Wear a mask, because it protects me and other people. Do not wear gloves, I think this was unnecessary. Just wash my hands thoroughly.

Your mom lives in a nursing home. When you visited her the last time?

the nursing Home was closed for visits in March. In early April, I learned that mom can go outside to get some air. Called to ask if I can visit. And it was taken in a wheelchair into the street. We met in front of the entrance for half an hour. It was hard for both of us. I was afraid of inadvertently infect the mother, as it’s impossible to know for sure, is infected with it or not. But the most dramatic was saying good-bye because my mom has signs of dementia, and she didn’t understand what was happening. It looked like in kindergarten, when parents give up their children and go. For me, the meeting with mother was also a challenge. (Sob). I even pondered if I should come back, but then all the relatives said that the visit is forbidden. But every day we talk to my mom on the phone and via video link.

You said in a nursing home, no one got sick. How did you manage to avoid infection?

– first, the employees strictly comply with all regulations and is not allowed visitors on the threshold, as if they are not requested. In addition, management believes it is the responsibility of staff. Nobody knows what people are doing after work, where they are. Recently, the administration will open the room in which the relatives will be able to enter from the street, and the residents of the nursing home – from the inside. Visits will be limited to two hours per day and no more than one person.

– I Remember some time ago, all shook the lead out of your zoo, when the Director made a statement that they will be forced to feed some other animals because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus…

– the Situation was very difficult, and, indeed, has already been discussed, how to survive if the zoo is closed for visitors. Had to feed the animals. In the list put down was listed, and white bear named Vitus. It is a huge beast with a growth of 3.6 meters. But at the end of April, the zoo began to work. So, all the beastsand saved. I specifically went to the zoo to see the polar bear. He calmly swam in his pool, and I managed to photograph him. I, like many in Germany, decided to support the zoo purchased an annual subscription for himself and family a card for friends.