Many motorists groan about the high fuel prices. However, a recent comparison now shows that petrol and diesel are more expensive in most of Germany’s neighboring countries.

Gasoline and diesel were recently cheaper at German gas stations or about as expensive as in most of the direct EU neighboring countries. On June 20, motorists in Germany paid an average daily price of EUR 1.97 for a liter of Super E5 and EUR 2.06 per liter of diesel, the Federal Statistical Office announced on Monday in Wiesbaden.

Compared to Germany’s direct neighbors, premium petrol of the E5 grade (or Eurosuper 95) was only lower on that day in Poland (1.70 euros), the Czech Republic (1.93 euros) and Luxembourg (1.94 euros). Diesel was also cheaper in Poland (EUR 1.69), the Czech Republic (EUR 1.93) and Luxembourg (EUR 2.00) than in Germany.

The reason for the recently relatively moderate fuel prices in Germany is likely to be the temporary reduction in energy tax on fuels as of June 1st, the statisticians said. As recently as May 30, premium petrol was only more expensive in the neighboring EU countries in Denmark and the Netherlands than in Germany, diesel only in Denmark, according to the authorities. The tax reduction on fuels, including VAT, is 35.2 cents for premium petrol and 16.7 cents for diesel. But not all of it reached consumers.

According to statisticians, petrol prices at petrol stations in June were lower than before the reduction in the energy tax on fuels: on May 31, E5 still cost 2.21 euros per liter. Diesel, on the other hand, was slightly more expensive than on May 31st. At that time, a liter cost 2.04 euros.

The statisticians base the information on figures from the European Commission and the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels at the Federal Cartel Office.

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