From personal assistant of Queen Elizabeth II found the coronavirus

a Wave of fear again engulfed Britain: according to the newspaper the Sun, a coronavirus found the Valet of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A source close to the Royal family, said that the patients had held a very high position and daily contact with the mistress of the Buckingham Palace. His main duty was to bring the Queen food, drinks, emails, submit visitors and to walk her dogs.

Photo: Xiao Yijiu/Xinhua via AP the who said the spread of the coronavirus

“Everyone’s scared, but not only for themselves but also for the Queen and the Duke (of Edinburgh, consort of Her Majesty – approx. “RG”)… just the thought of how close the Queen was infected, terrifying” – the newspaper quoted the source. Now infected the Valet is at home, he was sent to quarantine. Last week from Buckingham Palace and the Queen left with her husband. They are now at Windsor castle, surrounded by a few servants.

Recall that a few days ago, the coronavirus revealed the son of Her Majesty, the crown Prince Charles, who is 71 years old. COVID-19 picked up, and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. This is not the first day the British media unanimously expressed concern about the health of the Queen and her husband who are 93 and 98 years, respectively. In addition, as emphasized by journalists, in recent years, Prince Philip has been a lot of health problems. However, according to official statements, Buckingham Palace, at the moment Her Majesty is feeling well.