At the beginning of the pandemic, sick leave by phone was introduced. In the event of illness, patients were able to do without a visit to the doctor’s office. From June 1st this is no longer possible. You can find out how to get a certificate here.

In order to reduce the potential risk of infection during corona times, sick leave by telephone was introduced in spring 2020. People with mild respiratory illnesses could forgo a visit to the doctor’s office and request a certificate of incapacity for work over the phone.

From this Wednesday (June 1st), sick leave by telephone is no longer possible. As reported by the Federal Joint Committee of Doctors, Clinics and Health Insurance Companies (G-BA), patients with mild cold symptoms must now appear in person at a doctor’s office.

If an immediate physical examination is not necessary to clarify the inability to work, insured persons can also obtain the certificate by using a video consultation. This regulation applies regardless of the special Corona regulations.

In the run-up to the telephone sick leave was already extended several times. Against the background of the current development of the corona pandemic, it is not necessary to extend the special regulation again at this point in time. However, if the situation changes and the pandemic picks up speed again, the reintroduction of state or nationwide special regulations is possible, according to the G-BA in a report.

The end of the telephone sick note could be met with incomprehension by many employees. As a study by the health insurance company DAK shows, 80 percent of the employees were positive about the newly introduced option – mainly because of the lower risk of infection and the time savings.