Olesya Fokina, Director:

– the FAS brought the case to the lead of the show “heads and tails”, blogger Nastia Ivlievu for advertising Italian vermouth on its YouTube channel.

I Want to say that freedom of behavior of the network for me has always been of questionable quality. Maybe I should condemn and accuse. For me the absolute principle is that people with a wide audience should be responsible for every word, photo or video, because all his actions are propagated immediately to thousands of people. And if a network believes that a celebrity authority is a fan of her or listens to her, in this same proportion should increase obligations to the people who you are browsing, it is necessary to understand what they say and do.

unfortunately, social networks are pouring a lot of dust, behind all this slag can not see any sense, so, in my opinion, all this needs to be disposed of. Not to mention, when there is an open propaganda of alcohol and drugs.

As one of my friend psychologist: a person is what he consumes, we are the product of our diet. So I’m very sorry for the people who “feed” of such content, consume this low-grade products that you’re talking about. If they are addicted to such things, then they will remain it is quite a miserable existence.

I think the Internet, specifically social networks, except some resources for the development of its business, sport or creativity, most of them are pod people, the man descends, stops to think, imitate.

We would, believe me, we never discussed this situation, if the blog Ivlieva was useful. She’s not “Little tragedies” by Pushkin recommends to read. Or Tchaikovsky to listen to. Then you could safely say that a free man reproach. In this situation, she should be held responsible for the content of your blog.