Against 16.20 at the emergency call went to the control center lip. Already on the directions of the forces were able to discover a column of smoke near the East Westphalia road. Due to the remoteness and the narrow access road has been increased to the alarm keyword “fire 4 – big fire”. A local Bar was built to protect the adjacent trees and residential houses. In the storage barn itself, two trailers, as well as several bales of straw were. People or animals were injured in the fire, the barn burned down completely and collapsed. The Spread of the flames to neighboring buildings could fortunately be prevented. In the meantime, up to 95 forces were on the site. In the further course of the use of the burning bales were pulled apart. The delete group Retzen and the fire company Holzhausen acquisitions, guard the subsequent fire safety. The cause of the fire, as well as the amount of damages determined in the judicial police. For the fire brigade, the use is expected to continue until late Monday night.

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