– We want to appeal to the state Council and the Security Council with a proposal to develop a document “principles of States policy for the development of science and technology and the formation of the innovation system up to 2035”, – said the head of RAS Alexander Sergeev. – Experience shows that it is possible to write strategies and to make laws, but they do not work as long as the leadership does not determine the priorities of scientific and technical policy, its foundations. We have these foundations today, no. We are faced with this when, together with the Ministry of education has developed options for a new law on research activities for 25 years. To create such a document need to see the landmarks, to understand whether science is the main driving force of the economy or remains in the priority will remain the commodity complex. We now need to understand do we need fundamental science? If so, in what amount? 0.17 percent of GDP as it is now, or 0.4 percent as in the leading countries? In short, I would like to have a clear political orientation.

Alexander Sergeyev believes that it is necessary to adopt the amendment to the law and to confer of the status of state Academy, amending the Civil code. While receiving the right to develop and submit to the government draft laws and legal acts. You should also allow RAS in this status on behalf of the government together with public authorities and corporations to act as co-founders of research organizations.

– To improve the public administration field of science and technology necessary to create the structure of state power under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister of the supra-departmental authority responsible for the implementation of a unified state policy for science and technology and the formation of the national innovation system, – said Sergeev. – The fact that today the Ministry of education, Academy of the Ministry of education are in the “Bush”, who oversees one of the profile Deputy Prime Minister, and the scientific and technical sphere of the other. To translate scientific results into innovations in the product, the linking. In our opinion, the government should be supra-departmental structure that will address these issues. Until you do, so we say, what kind of ideas there, but they do not reach implementation.

in addition, the President of the RAS proposes to develop a mechanism to stimulate producers to participate in the development of new technologies, to determine the share of Russian high technology products to the world market as the main indicator of scientific and technological development of the country. And also to review the system of evaluation of scientific organizations, including to abandon the scientometric data as the main indicator of efficiency.