Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassadors of China, Belarus, Vietnam, India, and Serbia visited the Main temple of the Russian Armed Forces and a Museum complex “Road of memory”. Diplomats have shown the decoration of the Temple of Victory, as well as the halls and galleries of the Museum a length of 1418 steps, which equals days of the great Patriotic war.

the Ambassadors visited the finishing of the temple, which is made of ceramic and decorated with Gzhel painting. Showed them and the Central niche of the temple, which is dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ. It is made in the form of metal relief, with icons and iconostasis, crafted from copper with enamel. Foreign diplomats were able to estimate the magnitude of the image of the Saviour in the Central dome of the temple. This image is the largest image of the face of Christ, done in mosaic.

Diplomats visited the halls and galleries of the Museum “Road of Memory”. In this unique complex features historical exhibits of the great Patriotic war including photographs, documents, awards, weapons, personal belongings of soldiers and officers from the vaults of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

the Main temple of the Russian Armed Forces and praymovogo complex was completed may 9, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. The chief military temple will become the center of military glory and national memory of the fallen soldiers in the years of the bloodiest war in the history of mankind. It will symbolize the spirituality of the Russian army, raising the sword only to protect his country.

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