MOSCOW, 10 June — RIA Novosti. Two groups of volunteers selected for clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus, according to the Ministry of defence.

“the first group selected voluntarily willing to participate in tests of the military (officers, warrant officers, soldiers under contract). The second group was composed of volunteer civilians”, — said the Agency.

All participants will admit to testing only after the examination and match their health requirements.

currently, 50 volunteers from among the military personnel, including ten health workers, are placed on a 14-day isolation. A group of civilian participants in clinical research is located in the Main military clinical hospital named after Burdenko.

the Status of all volunteers will be monitored by the doctors in the hospital. They will measure blood pressure, pulse, temperature, to study a number of other special parameters.

Earlier, the head of the 48th Central research Institute (TSNII) of the military Department Sergey Borisevich said that the national research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei and the Ministry of defense successfully conducted preclinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus, clinical stage is planned to be completed by the end of July.

In early March, the who announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection pandemic. According to the organization, the total number infected worldwide rose to more than seven million people. Died more than 400 thousand patients.

In Russia have revealed more than 485 thousand cases COVID-19. Of these, more than 242 thousand people were cured.