Sometimes one comes to the Research itself, as a veteran car-Editor-in-terms that we don’t know yet. Fiat Money! The Italians now print your own Banknötli? Maybe you should just take better care of while studying for a Business degree, because this term is sure to please.

Because the Fiat money (or Fiat money, how to write it to avoid misunderstandings, mostly) or the Fiat currency has nothing to do with the acronym Fiat founded in 1899, the car brand, i.e. the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, to. And nothing to do with their almost chronic need of money. But with the Latin word Fiat translates simplified “It will!”. See the sect, Fiat Lux: “let There be light.”

this is Not an Italian invention

Hence the Name: Fiat money (or “fiat money”). An artificial “object with no intrinsic value” (Wikipedia), which serves as a medium of exchange. An Exchange Of Goods? Not, Fiat money has bars in contrast to the bag of rice or gold to be considered a zero eigenvalue.

Today is often called Fiat money, which is not a Gold secured currency – so no state-controlled means of payment as the “normal” money. More precisely: crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, coupons, vouchers, food stamps – that is what you hear more often today the term Fiat money.

Each and every money is Fiat money

But not quite correctly. Strictly all currencies – Swiss francs, Euro, US Dollar and, and, and-Fiat money: For themselves are only paper it shreds with Numbers that preserve their value, because governments specify that it has a certain value. So that it is accepted as means of payment. Or, in other words: Fiat money buys even Fiat, but also all the other cars.

And is significantly older than Fiat: In China, there were from the year 1000 – Fiat money.