Billionaire Dmitry Bosov, who in the night of 6 may committed suicide at his estate on the ruble, recently carried a premium gun, and this is due partly …to the pandemic coronavirus. The owner of the companies “Sibantratsit and Octocoral”, according to relatives, was afraid of rampant crime in a difficult time and seriously thought that one day he will have to shoot the criminals. The explanation of one of the richest people in Russia still remain for investigators and environment a mystery. “MK” has learned the details of the last hours of the life Bosova.

Dmitry Bosov was in isolation with his wife and child in his luxurious estate in the village of Usovo, covering an area of 5 hectares. Conditions here are such that the owners did not feel any discomfort. Why should only a huge sports complex complete with a hockey box, where the home matches were often attended by friends of the oligarch. And the merchant can at any time of the day or night to exercise in the gym equipped with the latest fitness industry.

Around midnight, the Bosses went to the gym is later tracked by cameras installed on the premises. In the morning the wife got worried and started to look for a man. She eventually came to the sports complex, but the door to the gym was locked from the inside. Spouse Bosova went for help. The door managed to open around 12.30. The body of the businessman was lying near gym, near it was discovered a premium gun Glock 19 gen 4 that billionaire in his time gave the President one of the republics. By the way, that gun, Dmitry, according to the relatives, never left since the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus. He believed that unemployment and the financial crisis will eventually lead to rampant crime. And wanted to be ready for a possible invasion of the intruders. Although the reason to fear the attack of the robbers at Bosova appears to have been less – possessions were literally Packed with motion sensors and cameras, there was a reliable guard. On the fateful night, for the approval of the guards, all was quiet, the security system did not record extraneous to the plot.

Investigators seized from the scene of the three mobile phone of the deceased, their contents have yet to be explored. Notes Bosses have left. Relatives remember that he never talked about suicide, nothing boded ill. Therefore, on the causes of action can only guess.

According to some recently Bosova accumulated financial problems, it was reported that he did not fulfill certain obligations before the major market players. In this predicament the oligarch was, according to rumors, after the arrest of his partner – the former Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov.