“the decision on the departure in each case takes senior doctor shift or one of the leaders of the Scientific-practical center of emergency medical aid of Department of health of Moscow (territorial center for disaster medicine of the city of Moscow), says “RG” Deputy Director of the medical center Sergey Gumenyuk. – If the child suffered, beyond question, fly!” Wherever accident or some other emergency, a helicopter with doctors on Board gets there within 10 minutes. European VC-117 – real air resuscitation. On Board monitor retaining all the vital functions. Special box for transportation of babies, defibrillator, artificial lung ventilation. In short, even if in flight, the patient will stop the heart or breathing, save, pump out. As can be seen in the helicopter is full of life-sustaining electronics. Therefore, the floor of the helicopter lined with dielectric material. This allows you to safely conduct the flight conditions EIT.

for the centre of emergency medical aid now three of these helicopters. Even at night one of them is ready to go. To sit on a busy Moscow? Not an issue for experienced pilots. Pilots on the VC always two both in the status of the commanders of the aircraft. One always insures as a partner, helps to make a decision. After all, you have to sit down even on roads with heavy traffic, “air ambulance” often arrives faster than the police. “Now people have grown accustomed to our helicopters – says Humeniuk. – And sooner, sometimes, directly under the “chopper” poking the drivers. Did not understand the danger.” In General, VC for the Moscow ambulance was not chosen randomly. The machine is compact, can sit even in the yard if necessary. For example, a heart attack or stroke in humans – it accounts for up to half of all departures. More than 60 every month.

“the Sky became freer, recalls the interlocutor of the events of twenty years ago, when helicopter ambulance just appeared in Moscow. – And before the matter met private helicopters that were sent into the air without warning anyone”. Occurred, and birds fell under the screws. Doctors had to go through a lot of moments when life seemingly goes from under your feet. After the collision with the birds “spinner” drops down one hundred meters, but the cheerful pilot pretends as if nothing terrible had happened.

in recent months In camp constantly watched, not only for accidents, fires, emergencies and abnormal situations. The centre, sharpened to emergency assistance, assumed much of the work to combat coronavirus. In the early days, when the pandemic had just arrived in Moscow, the center staff were on duty at railway stations and airports, surveyed the visitors. Also thanks to the efforts of doctors tsemp managed to prevent rapid growth of morbidity. Many emergency personnel are constantly in touch with the headquarters of the anti-COVID-19 and now their help is indispensable when it comes to emergencies. For his great contribution in the fight against coronavirus infection, dedication and professionalism shown in the performance of medical debt, orders Pirogov and Luke the Crimean medals were awarded to many doctors, including the staff of the center for disaster medicine of the city of Moscow.

Coronavirus gradually recedes, and an emergency has not been canceled. In the building of the center of emergency medical care, where decisions are made about the helicopter challenges are rarely languid days and evenings. Dispatchers already on the machine doing something that the layman would head reeled. In tsemp flock data about all serious emergency in the city. Here on a straight line – all the police, emergency services and the emergency services. System emergency in Moscow is set up so that none of the big boss doesn’t closes all the issues on myself. Shift tsemp is able to decide what to do in a given situation. And help him navigate the numerous cameras around the city. Here Ford at the crosswalk hit by a man… the Picture of the street immediately displayed full screen. You can immediately understand that affected only one person at a scene is to call one ambulance. But before that happened, for several teams drove “just in case”. Now all reconciled to the maximum.

When I next change, no employee of the camp does not turn off the phone. Emergency service – if your second life that you never want to put it on vibrate or airplane mode away from the realities of life. Sergey Gumenyuk, for example, a phone call caught in bed at night. Fire on Leninsky Prospekt. I have to go. Home this mode is used for a long time. Sergey Gumenyuk live close to work. Yes, in fact, work, probably, and lives, as well as dozens of his colleagues. And all repeats again. Night Garden. Sklif. Helicopter. And dozens of lives saved every month, day after day.

In the Sakhalin oblast regional government and the service “Yandex.Taxi” launched the campaign “to Transport doctors”. In the framework of five taxis equipped for travel of physicians to patients in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The cars are fitted with partitions between driver and passenger seats. Machine in a special way prepared to leave. Every day they are disinfected. All drivers are equipped with personal protective equipment.

Taxis will be available to physicians in four clinics. Child, second and sixth went to one car, the fourth two, because it attached more patients.

– Additional technical support came in very handy. Now increased in��agnosti, the temperature drops, people often treat problems of the cardiovascular system, endocrine disorders. A taxi will allow us time to come to calls, – said the acting chief physician of the fourth polyclinic Alexei Yefimov.

the Machine will go on calls to patients in risk groups: people suffering from chronic diseases and citizens above 65 years. All machines will work for one month for free. If such validation is successful, in the future, the transport will start to use in commercial mode.