Important: before you make a decision to transfer a child to another school, you need to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. As says the children’s Ombudsman of Moscow Olga Yaroslavl, the school should be as close as possible to home.

– the Best school is the one that is in the yard. Only in the school yard, the child will have a normal childhood with friends, – said the Ombudsman. – When you carry a child in another quarter or district, then its entertainment will be held outside his school, the company out the interesting events that usually go after school. Therefore, it is necessary to think hundred times before to change schools.

According to the Ombudsman, especially in elementary school, it is important to build contact with the new teacher.

Child psychologist Julia Punina notes: the transition to a different school in any case would be stressful for the student, regardless of age.

the Child, changing some conditions on the other, experiencing adaptation stress. Change in the team, perhaps, deprivation of friends who were in the previous school, change adult, who begin to surround him… It’s a new adjustment for the team in which he needs to take a role, she says.

According to experts, if you really have the necessity to transfer, you should not do this in the middle of the school year. It is better to prepare the child and set it in the beginning of the new school year.

– the best would be the option of when the child can finish the school year, saying goodbye to the team, get used to the idea, and since the new school year to go to a new school, says Punina. The more the child will know about the new environment, the easier it will flow the translation process.

According to her, it is better before the official transition to come to school with your child to show it to him. Also will be very good if the new school will be familiar to children. Such factors will reduce the anxiety.

After the transfer to a new class, some time we need to carefully monitor the child’s condition, because it is not always he can admit to any problems at the new location.

– we should Pay attention primarily on the General background mood: in what state the child comes from school and what goes. Little children, if there are any problems will sometimes say that you don’t want to go to school, says Punina.

And the child may suddenly start to get sick more often, or he’ll start to get headaches, when he does lessons or bouts of abdominal pain, especially if you have the control.

Is the reason to look at a situation, think whether it is associated specifically with the school. You need to pay attention to how the child responds to the teachers, as he talks about if he has new friends. A little child is seen, says Punina.

With older kids it all depends on step��the trust and warmth of contact with parents.

– the Teen may become withdrawn. Reluctance to be in a particular place will affect performance, he may lose motivation to do anything in the curriculum. Such things should pay attention, to go on trusting level of communication, to clarify the situation and time to connect, not to bring the situation to some critical moments, says Punina.