Presenter Ricky Harris became a TV star in the 1990s, reaching a wide audience every noon on his Sat.1 show. Ricky quickly became a cult, later wowing his fans as a party singer or in the RTL “jungle camp”. On Saturday (May 14) he will become a fan boy himself – because then he will cheer on his son Malik Harris at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

When Focus Online reached the native American on Friday afternoon, he was in the car heading to Turin with the whole family. Also present: His partner Maria as well as Malik’s brother Dennis and Malik’s mom Gabi.

And the Harris family doesn’t arrive empty-handed. Ricky explains: “We have a big, great surprise for him: This is his first tour bus! He will definitely be happy about that.”

Even before the Eurovision Song Contest, in the midst of the stressful rehearsals, father and son were in regular contact. “He’s always looking for contact with his family, whether it’s his mother, his sister or me. We have a good relationship and wish him only the very best, that’s for sure!”

Ricky, who has been active in TV and show business for a good 30 years, also gave his son a few tips for a music career. “Right from the start I said to him, ‘Follow your dreams’. He should do what he enjoys and he still does it to this day – right up to the ESC final. ”By the way, for Papa Ricky it doesn’t matter how many points Malik gets from the international Eurovision jury and the audience from different countries is obtained. Laughing, he explains: “He’s already won! He’s already the German champion and tomorrow evening will show whether he becomes European champion.’ And further: ‘I think he has the best chances.’ How does Ricky determine that? “In my opinion he has the best song, he’s the best musician and he plays and masters all the instruments himself. He doesn’t have to pretend or put on any costume, he doesn’t need dancers. Malik is just Malik! He will win here too – because he remains true to himself.”

Of course, the Harris family also celebrates: “We’re really looking forward to the first party in Turin and we’ll celebrate with him.” On Monday things get serious: “His brother Dennis and I will accompany his entire tour in Germany.” And with the increased awareness through the ESC, Malik should certainly get plenty of fan backing for the start – in his own tour bus.

You can see Malik Harris’ big Eurovision Song Contest performance on Saturday from 9 p.m. The first broadcasts the show live.

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Now the starting order for the final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin has been set: Malik Harris sings for Germany in 13th place.

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