Steep, inaccessible, mysterious, and therefore even more attractive. Such a description is, in the opinion of the readers of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, perfect for rock Sabaki in Duvanskiy area near the village of Erzovka.

– First saw it in the Soviet multiserial film “Eternal call”, when I was in school – shared podistica “RG” Elena Plotnikova. – Could not tear off a sight from the wonderful panorama. So it seemed to me majestic and irresistible. The characters in the movie called the rock with Zvenigora and I could not even think that it is located in Bashkortostan. Many years later, during the rafting, traveling with friends on the river Yuryuzan, saw the rock firsthand. As if in reality I had a scene from the film that shook me in childhood. We moored and climbed the narrow path to the top. Before we opened a magnificent view. Such beauty never seen! Even the Caucasian landscape can not compete the beauty of Bashkir nature.

On top of the mountain stretches an amazing forest. Medicinal plants, which are here in abundance, have become a magnet for lovers of herbs and healers.

– Here grow pine, birch, flowers of the red book. Fragrant aroma, clean air, peace and quiet – what more could you ask for? – says Lena. Down on the river, always a lot of fishermen. Without a catch because no one leaves. Therefore, everyone will find something to their liking. No wonder people return here again and again. By the way, the contours of the steep wall of the rock resembles a medieval English castle. At a short distance it is noticeable.

After these impressions and opinions about Sabache Ufa branch of “RG” included an unusual rock in the list of “30 unique places of Bashkortostan” and even found some legends associated with it.

One legend says that the legendary conqueror Tamerlane hid on the mountain for their treasure. However, at the moment, the search was not successful. But are recognised by local residents, they do not lose hope.

there is Also a legend that here was hiding Salavat Yulaev from government troops. To catch him and failed, because the Bashkir hero jumped off a cliff into the river and drifted downstream.


For archaeologists the rock also represents a tremendous value. In the stone age there were prehistoric people. Scientists have discovered quite a few items from their household – tools, pottery, pottery fragments.

the Rock will attract not only climbers, but also cavers. There are three caves. The biggest ice exhibition consists of several caves and is of particular interest to visitors. Its length is 146 meters. The last room is connected with a small legend: it is necessary to make a wish, speaking it to himself three times. And then plans will be executed.