ESports will help students ITMO to obtain credit for physical education

How? It is no secret among today’s youth, many of those online games. Someone might have thought that on remote there is a time for them. But, in the words of the students themselves, distance learning was not easier than usual. University decided to combine the pleasant with the useful, and completely legal to get scores for credit for physical education is now possible, playing computer games with other students and participating in the competition.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti What parents need to know about digital educational resources

the University sports club of the University ITMO kronverkskie barsy offered a choice of several types of online training, among them – the eSports action. The support of the rector is: Vladimir Vasilyev has played a major role in a kind of “promo video” cyber-games .

In the frame of the rector passes through the deserted corridors of the University, walks into the empty gym where there is a table with computer equipment: monitor, powerful processor, speakers, of whom had heard the broadcast of the game. Vladimir Vasilyev wears large headphones and speaks into the microphone: “Guys, I’m coming.” (middle or mid – Central defense line in the game). The contest begins.

Students are encouraged to participate in webinars on e-sports, to learn the strategy and tactics of online games. Points can be obtained in two ways: to participate in the League, where the number of points depends on the games time, or try their hand at weekly tournaments on the principle of “higher place more points”. “Scoring” of the League are held in three disciplines: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2 and Clash Royale. What is this game? CS:GO – a series of rounds to 3 minutes, goal is to neutralize the enemy or to perform a specific task. Dota 2 players try to destroy the enemy base, the main thing here is teamwork. Clash Royale – attack enemy towers and protect its main goal is the clever use of limited resources.