Global collaboration of astronomers that tracks online observation data ground-based telescopes and space observatories, helped first to investigate the relationship between magniture and fast radio bursts, the nature of which is not yet reliably established.

On the opening briefly told on the website of the European space Agency ESA. Make it helped space Observatory Integral, which is designed to study objects in the hard x-ray and gamma range.

At the end of April 2020 scanners this device followed the Magnetar SGR 1935 + 2154. He was discovered six years ago in the constellation Chanterelles was recorded when a powerful burst of x-rays from it.

Only now he has again become active. But by studying it, astronomers discovered something very surprising: the Magnetar emitted not only conventional x-rays but also radio waves.

“We detected a flare of high-energy or hard x-ray emission from the Magnetar on April 28, using Integral, says the study’s lead author Sandro Mereghetti from the National Institute of astrophysics in Milan. – Alert system on the flash, mounted on Integral automatically in a few seconds notify the Observatory of the world. This allowed the scientific community to act quickly and to study in detail the source”.

Telescopes around the world were aimed at the study of this outbreak. But they managed to fix and even more exciting event. So, with the help of the CHIME telescope in Canada on the same day and in the same time interval was was the so-called short and extremely powerful burst, and the radio waves came from SGR 1935 + 2154. After a few hours of this event was confirmed in the Review of transient astronomical radio emission 2 (STARE2) in the United States.

“We’ve not seen before from the Magnetar radiation of radio waves, reminiscent of quick radiuspack,” says Sandro Mereghetti.

This unique combination of radiation have never been observed. His study can solve old cosmic puzzle. Magniture is the star remains, with some of the most powerful magnetic fields in the Universe. When they become active, you can produce short flashes of high-energy radiation that last for fractions of a second, but are billions of times brighter than the Sun.

Fast radio bursts is one of the mysteries of modern astronomy. They were first discovered in 2007. These events are clearly “pulse” in the range of radio waves within a few milliseconds and then disappear. However, this year scientists were able to fix the repeated radio bursts.

Their true nature remains neisvac��Noah. Similar signals are coming from deep space. In this case, it is important that the on-Board scanner IBIS, mounted on Integral, allowed us to accurately determine the origin of the burst. Thus, was recorded, his relationship with Magnetar.

“This is the first observed connection between magniture and fast radio bursts, explains Sandro. – This is a really important discovery that will help us focus attention on the nature of these mysterious phenomena.”