Epidemiologist said, if the vodka disinfects the surface of coronavirus

He added that the coronavirus also the detrimental effect of hydrogen peroxide. Also effective regular soap solution. If you wash dishes 40-degree water with such a solution, the threat of coronavirus will come to naught.

as used in medical facilities, antiseptics, they kill not only viruses, but more resistant pathogens. Destroys coronavirus ultraviolet radiation. However, you need to be aware of its threat to the cornea.

Gorelov added that it will get warmer soon, and coronavirus will die under the rays of the sun. Also don’t panic and carry a special sanitary treatment, if there are no patients with coronavirus. All you need to do in a regular daily basis.

Also Gorelov said that wearing masks on the street from the coronavirus useless. It is for the reason that the chances of catching it outdoors, not indoors, it is almost zero. Masks should be worn when a man walks into the subway or the store. “We’re talking about droplet infection — the mask though and will not provide 100% protection, but will reduce the risk of infection,” – said the scientist.

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