Pandemic coronavirus, in addition to all its negative consequences, has brought to mankind and some use. For example, forced people to think about their own health, life and death. In particular, many smokers at this wave, has reconsidered his attitude to the habit, and decided to get rid of it. However, the task is not simple. Everyone who ever tried to quit Smoking, regardless of whether successful or not, knows how difficult this is.

But today as a simple way of quitting Smoking, you can consider electronic a cigarette as paradoxical as it sounds at first glance. This was told in the telegram-the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

the Leading cause of death today is Smoking, killing seven million people a year. Sometimes the death is in the form of heart attacks and strokes, cancer and pneumonia, but it is Smoking is its primary cause.

Numerous polls show that only 3-6% of people can quit Smoking the first time. For those who can’t do it yourself, there are special medications. And one of the most effective methods you can consider nicotine-replacement therapy.

the Principle of its action is based on the fact that killing people is not the nicotine, but the combustion of tobacco, which contain more than 1000 carcinogens and that brings special hazards – micro-particles of ash and carbon monoxide. Although the habit of Smoking comes with nicotine, and the most harmful tobacco smoke gets in the appendage.

When quitting Smoking is the hardest falls in the first 3-4 weeks. If the body in this period will be to nicotine to quit will be easier. There are different options – nikotinsoderzhaschie patches, gum and sprays. As well as electronic cigarettes.

so arises the catch – they seem to have fallen under the company of anti-Smoking, although, according to Alexander Myasnikov, one of the most effective instruments of the struggle. In addition to replacement of nicotine, they save the person the illusion of Smoking, all of his habitual, ritual actions. Drank a Cup of coffee – “lit”, a glass of wine – “lit up”, and sat down to work – “lit up”. The patch and gum, this effect is denied. However, the nicotine in electronic cigarettes should be available in sufficient quantity, and the European limit 20 mg/ml of nicotine (compared to 60 mg/ml in USA) dilute the idea of substitution of nicotine. Myasnikov noted that the use of alternative methods of delivery of nicotine into the body should be a temporary measure. For final deliverance from addiction will have some time to abandon the vicarious ways, concluded the expert.

the state Duma is going to vote for the bill on electronic cigarettes, the Good deedso Need regulation, you need to protect them from those who never smoked and especially children. However, we must not forget that the electronic cigarette is an important element in reducing the use of conventional cigarettes.

In this context, the lower amount of nicotine to 20 mg per 1 ml of liquid, if to take into account the words of the doctor Myasnikov, it may not help to achieve the goal of complete Smoking cessation. Nicotine is responsible for addiction, that’s why its adequate content in electronic and conventional cigarette can make giving smokers from the last so easy and comfortable. For those who quit Smoking is a familiar feeling. Not all are able to cope with a bad habit on their own, not everyone has enough willpower. Therefore, probably, still smoke, and tens of millions of people!

At the same time by itself, nicotine is not a carcinogen that is causes cancer and other serious illness.

For reference: in the US, New Zealand and Canada use ISDN with 60-66 mg / ml In the EU is 20 mg, but Brussels has intention to change the established norm, because took it, incorrectly interpreted medical research. The reason the EU is obvious, because in Europe, people switch to electronic devices in three times less than in the US.

Well, to back up your words, I will refer again to the position of the who: “Electronic means of nicotine delivery (ISDN) or simply e-cigarettes should be able to compensate for the need for nicotine at that level, as do conventional cigarettes.”

Let’s fight against Smoking correctly, don’t “kill” the tools to combat Smoking and to find ways to make them more effective without any harm to your health.