This is a significant event for the fishing industry of the Far East and, as market players are hoping, the beginning of the auction stable operation.

the Russian representatives of Japanese enterprises have visited the products in stock new refrigeration complex, which was commissioned less than two months ago. For the inspection, which took place on June 30, watched the correspondent of “RG”.

the Terminal, which houses fish, built Demidovskiy fishing port in cooperation with the Federal Agency and FGUP Natsrybresurs. According to its characteristics, the refrigerator is not inferior to foreign analogues, with the capacity to handle up to 150 thousand tons products per year.

– the Fish comes straight from the vessel-the refrigerator outside the refrigerating camera it is a matter of seconds. Therefore, do not lose in quality, – says the Director of the port Sergey Vassev.

this product will be in demand by foreign buyers. Now, according to Vojsava, auctions are mostly conducted in China, Japan, South Korea. The center of the fish trade is considered to be the South Korean Busan, but the Russian coast has long wanted to compete with him. One of the biggest challenges was just the lack of cold storage facilities, for example, “red” Putin, they could barely hold the amount of salmon to be prepared for shipping in the Western and Central regions of the country.

…We go to the room where the auction samples of fish. They are specially thawed for inspectors, to those cutting the herring, were able to assess the quality of the caviar.

a representative of the company-the seller says that the catch was obtained in may-June 2020 in the sea of Okhotsk with fixed Gill-nets. This means that damage to the fish’s low, what’s more, during such production is a kind of selection – small seeps through the mesh, and inside the nets remains the only large. Then the herring is frozen at the onshore plant and delivered to Vladivostok. All of it is exposed as a single lot, but no hammer blows and cries of “sold” is not worth waiting: the expert will inspect the fish, and then, in the next days, will decide how much willing to pay for it. Then the seller will choose the winner. So now are auctions and South Korea.

Carcasses are in the boxes with notes, by which the representatives of the buyers know what day herring was caught.

the Inspector carefully examines all sides amber ROE, pulled out of the gutted fish: they should be smooth, one color, with no bruises or tears.

We sell products in different ways. For example, the company has a Chinese office in Dalian, and there are potential buyers. We bring back up to five tons of samples of raw materials they process it at the factory, watch the quantity and quality of the resulting fish, and then deals are made on large volume��, – says the representative of the company-seller Gregory drawing, emphasizing that now because of the restrictions associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, the auction will be held on the shore.

by the Way, this year because of the pandemic, need buyers of herring is very small: the United States and Canada practically were fishing, and Russian fishermen caught less than half last year.

the company that owns the refrigeration complex hope to 2021-th in Vladivostok will also hold auctions for red fish and caviar. There are buyers and a shrimp.

Georgy Martynov, President of the Association of fishery enterprises of Primorye:

– Is the order of the President on construction in Primorye fish cluster, which should be carried out. This should not work on the exchanges, because fish is not a commodity, and the organization of auctions for the sale of caviar and other valuable products. A simple example: the main suppliers of Mentawai caviar – Russia and the United States, the main consumer is Japan, and the auction is held in South Korea. Because it is profitable. There is a good infrastructure, for participants subject to certain regulatory relief. We have the same and with the infrastructure complexity, and preferences certainly no… These problems must be addressed. And steps forward have already been made. Now a new refrigerator being built in Vladivostok fishing port out there, including auction halls.