Mikhail Efremov can cheat to talk on house arrest with friends and continuing to drink the alcohol he was no ban. Lawyer Leonid Olshansky has commented on the conditions in which the actor is awaiting trial.

House arrest is regulated by the decision of the court and enforcement proceedings. The latter refers to the competence of judicial officers, which may at any time come and check, is arrested at home, said the lawyer on the radio KP.RU.

Ephraim impossible to use the Internet and telephone, unless we are not talking about calling a doctor or call the bailiff. The prisoner must wear a special bracelet.

As for reception, it all depends on the skill of the lawyer.

If you say that you just come to scratch the language, will not work. And if you say: “Please allow my great aunt with her husband to bring me twice a day food” — it may pass, — said Olshansky.

You can call the phone of a neighbor, if he will launch the device on the rope from the balcony. But it’s worth just to get caught — and you can cater from home in jail.

About alcohol no restrictions: Efremov could easily devastate the stocks of alcohol at home. To extend the house arrest on the request of the investigator can be many times. But in this case, law enforcement officers will not pull time from-for too high profile case.

Accidents involving Ephraim took place on 8 June. The actor’s car crashed into the van Lada, whose driver died in hospital from his injuries. Later examination confirmed that at the time of the accident Efremov was drunk.

Earlier reported that the family of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov was allowed to publish the correspondence with his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky about the cash compensation that was offered by the actor Mikhail Yefremov.