put forward last week by Muscovite Alexander by Andrijanovym idea to stand in front of a migrant on your knees and clean their shoes ended, fortunately, not pogroms, and zilch. But here the theme was picked up by the Metropolitan restaurateur, owner of fashionable establishments Dmitry Levitsky. Complained about the problem: migrants disappear, and “posudomoya Mache”, it turns out, you have to pay, not as servant, but as a man, but it is unpleasant, imagine the money gets less.

Comrade Andriyanova hotheads dubbed the Creator of a new movement of Migrants Lives Matter (“the lives of migrants are important”), by analogy with the U.S. BLM. In this case, can I be the founder of the movement “Clean streets are important” (translate someone prettier in English, it was fashionable to), because while coming from home to the subway, pick up discarded trash and throw it in the urn. Join us, by the way.

Andrianov decided that cleaning of the migrant shoes, you can show respect for the workers. They say that white people do to blacks the respect show. So come on, Vanya, on the knees fall and boots Farhad Chisti. Loud as a drum, and the same empty idea. Tracing and attempt to emulate the “progressive” world. To think that labour migrants in Russia were not carried in chains to the slave ships and once here because of the pandemic was hungry, they rushed back, did not happen. Well, even the migrants themselves realized from Shoe polishing to the polished face single step. The President of Federation of migrants of Russia Vadim Kořenov called Andriyanova a video where it shoes the janitor cleans, unacceptable and dangerous, “especially in the period of exacerbation”. Clearly, any exacerbation: no work neither local nor migrant workers (which is obviously not good for the friendship of the peoples), the criminalization of migrant communities is growing, because they were for some time in a hopeless situation, but then that’s a fairly provocative appeal. So, it is nonsense, show off and of dubious HYIP and not respect. Want to show respect, just remember Soviet poster “Respect the work of cleaners!”.

the problem-that respect for labor, for working people. But we is not possible. Which is honestly wrote in the social network restaurateur Levitsky. Says, “migrant workers have ruined the labor market in Moscow marched home for a pandemic, and to return either do not want or can not”. It turns out that “as a result, restaurateurs have to take our own, which are more expensive, but work <…> (worse)”. Especially he doesn’t like the wages “of the employees, contrary to all predictions, continues to grow.” And because of this “fall of the RFP managers, chefs, marketers of all sorts, and posudomoyschitsey Mary was in order.”

you Know, right? If you take the local, Russian or Tatar, for example, they will have to pay, first, white, and secondly, the market salary. So, you have to cut the salary of his beloved. No wonder the cry of despair: “Where are my slaves!”

So before you make fair shares in respect of migrants, it would be nice to learn to respect themselves, their and others ‘ work. Not on your knees for pennies in front of the boss to fall and stand tall as the “worker and collective farm girl”.

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