With Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8 is placed in the Audi the SUVs well. And yet, the four-wheel drive of the VW and its luxury brand, not rich in their own house to the A3 the water. Although the Compact has been eight years old, he is in Switzerland the most popular Audi – the Lord of the rings. The can no longer claim the group brother VW Golf of. It has expired in the last year of the SUV Tiguan the rank.

But the new A3 has neither the Golf nor the Audi SUV in the visor, but its direct competitors, the BMW 1 series and Mercedes A-class. The fourth edition is intended to extend the lead to Munich, and at the same time the residue to Stuttgart out. For this under the car to catch the Audi engineers not experiment and make a classic Remake of the Lord of the rings on the wheels. The same Story with new actors and modern Special Effects told. In appearance, the Front with a wider grille, while the design language of the A1, all in All, it is but a process of Evolution and is reminiscent of the predecessor.

The Recycling of the interior space of

Inside, there’s standard digital instruments. The Head-up Display costs (as opposed to a Mazda 3) 1040 francs extra. If that is too expensive, which is recommended with a view to the resale, to invest 250 Swiss francs for the preparation so the successor can retrofit the Head-up Display.

The multimedia system, we use a 10.1 inch large touch screen. It is a bit low, especially in comparison to the 1er and A-class, but can be just as intuitive to use as the competition. Also, like the other competitors, and in contrast to other Audi models, there’s for the air conditioning not have a touch screen, but classic buttons. A little less classic-the seat covers are. This and the trunk (380-1200 l), depending on the equipment recycled PET bottles.

the 150-HP drives-diesel

Also under the hood, track is hardly breaking New. The engines come from the VW group shelf and are later expanded in part with a mild-hybrid systems. We go to the preliminary single gasoline engine with 150 HP (110 kW) and 250 Nm. The Turbo four-cylinder can’t hide the fact below 2000 tours is a lightweight threading and start – up weakness, but with the six-speed manual shift we want to make this easy.

Generally speaking, the diesel is a good image, and the cylinder deactivation is working smoothly. With just 1280 pounds, the A3 is a modern Compact more easily. This should show up in consumption, the Audi with 5.1 liters, indicating. The Sprint to 100 kph is done in 8.4 seconds, the tip is located at 224 km/h.

Quiet time comrade

The suspension is perfectly matched, can help iron out uneven ground, unexcited, and the variable damper (1280 Swiss francs) to your own taste to adjust. Basically, the A3 is a good-natured and easy to master. Only in tight, ambitious cornering it tends to understeer, but this is never problematic, because the rule systems are immediately available. Apart from this, the better choice is for ambitious curves of the S3 with all-wheel drive, such a VIEW could even try out.

when the new A3 rolls out to Switzerland, is due to the Corona-crisis is still open. Originally, he was supposed to from now on as a 150-horsepower gasoline engine and 150 HP Diesel at the dealers. In July, the 310-HP S3, and the A3 sedan should follow. The prices start for the A3 at 36’400 Swiss francs.