French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Saturday that 64 people had been arrested and eight officers injured during violent anti-government protests.

Darmanin praised police officers for facing down “very violent individuals” and said their courage “commands the respect of all.”

Thousands took to the streets to protest police brutality and a security bill that would limit the ability to photograph and videotape police officers while they are on duty, as well as provide law enforcement with more surveillance tools.

Demonstrations in Paris quickly turned violent when some protesters began setting vehicles on fire and smashed the windows of businesses. 

Officers attempted to disperse the crowds with tear gas and clashed with demonstrators multiple times, while protesters responded by throwing projectiles and firecrackers. 

Plus tôt dans la journée, un groupe de policiers se faisait repousser sur l’Avenue #Gambetta. #MarcheDesLibertés#Paris#5decembre#manifestation#StopLoiSécurité

Les FDO se déploient pour «nettoyer» la place de la #Republique à

NOW – #Paris descends into chaos for the second weekend as French protesters rally against new security law. Banks and cars burning, many injured police officers and

Things also turned violent in the western city of Nantes where two officers were injured, one reportedly by a molotov cocktail thrown by a protester. 

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