Europe is gradually emerging from strict quarantine. Among the countries that weaken measures — Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway and the Czech Republic.

the Czech Republic was one of the first European countries which introduced a state of emergency, although at that time the country was at least 100 infected and no sacrifice. In total, according to on may 2, the start of the pandemic in the Czech Republic from the coronavirus died 237 people and has infected more than 7600. Despite the fact that the state of emergency in the country was extended until may 17, the quarantine is already much weaken.

In early March, the Czech government has restricted events (later the Czechs were forbidden to gather more than two), closed schools, cafes, restaurants, most stores and ordered citizens to carry in public areas of the mask.

the Czechs over new rules first teased, but obeyed authorities. Harsh measure apparently worked, and now the Czech government removes the country from the General quarantine two weeks earlier than planned.

the Russian service bi-Bi-si learned from the Czechs that they and as they live in the wild.

In Prague Darling salon is a full house — spring, everyone needs a new haircut. Overgrown clients per day about twenty-three specialists — patiently waiting for their turn. Barber shops in the Czech capital continue closed — but from 20 April, you can safely cut your dog.

“We call people and ask whether we can get it cut. We, of course, refuse. Although the colleague jokes that he is not sorry and that we wish may well offer different dog haircuts, let choose what breed they want to be, and he will do everything,” says the salon owner Martin Pulikova.

the authorities ‘ Priorities can seem strange, but the Czech Republic consistently figures among the countries with the largest number of dogs per capita in Europe. 10 million Czechs — no less than two million dogs.

Minister of industry and trade Karel Havlicek his sudden decision to open salons for Pets before more explained that he received a huge number of requests over the Internet. “Dog lovers probably kept on pushing the power” — sums up Martin.

dog Staff beauty salon had to change the system of work — of course all the procedures necessary to carry out the masks, and most importantly, without the owners to people in the interior are not allowed. Their turn will come may 11, when open a hairdressers.

Grocery stores worked all the time, but since last week, the Czechs can already be purchased fresh produce at the farmers markets. Citizens are also allowed to visit bike shops and stores of goods for the house and gardening. They are specially opened on 9 April so people can have something to do during Paschalgovernmental holidays.

this Monday you can also go to the gym, the library or to the zoo. “We opened an outdoor enclosure, but visitors still are not allowed in the pavilions. We also would not let some external enclosures such as a cage with lemurs, because it’s too crowded and the animals are a little close to the people” — describes the new rules, the Director of Prague zoo Miroslav Bobek.

For compliance with the race keep track of not only the zoo but also by the police. You can buy tickets online only — all offices are closed. Despite the Sunny weather, visitors are three times less than usual.

“During the closure, we lost at least 37 million kroons (1.3 million euros). We didn’t have to fire anyone, and we’re never going to get rid of the animals,” adds Bobek.

Job on Monday resumed and small shops with an area of 2500 square meters. “The situation is complex: on the one hand, we have to work and take financial responsibility, but at the same time is almost impossible to work, because we can’t serve clients,” says fashion designer and the owner of the Prague boutique Natali Ruden.

the fact that the clothes in stores to try on impossible. “We have in the boutique all in the same instance, every thing original, so the customer to choose the thing without trying hard,” explains Ore.

in these days she had to go to the show, but the event had to be postponed for next year. However, the designer does not complain: “the Czech Republic took action quickly. The people obeyed, and therefore, the coronavirus does not spread much. It gives us the opportunity to at least once to live.”

Ore the same as many, trying to figure out how her business can exist in a new environment and with their team urgently developing an online store: “If we stop now, then I think we simply cannot exist.”

the Quarantine hit hard, and one of the main Czech shrines — due closed bars and restaurants, some Breweries will have to destroy a large part of the production. Staropramen, for example, is about to pour thousands of hectoliters of beer.

Salvation of beer the Czechs will be able to engage in only on may 11. Then they will open veranda cafes and restaurants, and on 25 may will be able to sit inside the hall.

the Internet is already a month joke about people born in April, and their sad party in isolation. However, Mary Kosinski — Polish woman working in Prague — lucky.

“My birthday fell just on the date on which the Czech government was allowed to meet with friends in a group of up to ten people. We went to Prague a very beautiful Park Riegrovy Sady. We had a picnic, drank some beer and wine,” — says the girl. In the Park, according to Mary, there were a lot of people, but all adhered to the rules: “they were All in masks and at the right distance from each other.”

For appearing on the street without it you could get fined up to 20 thousand CZK (740 euros). However, the representative of the Czech police kateřina Rendova in an interview with the Russian service bi-Bi-si noticed that 90% of incidents without punishment violators just off.

the Czechs will have to continue to wear masks in the near future: according to the Czech epidemiologists and health Minister Vojtech Adam, they played a major role in the fight against Covid-19, so to remove them will be allowed in the least — there is no exact date, but we can talk about the end of June.

In the Czech Republic are still new cases of infection with coronavirus, but the adoption rate has been steadily declining. According to experts, the success of this country, maybe in the efficiency of the authorities, well-functioning system of health and obedience of citizens.

They will be tracking by mobile phone, Bank card and mobile app “eRouška”.

outside the Czech Republic from quarantine monitored by many countries. According to the British newspaper the Guardian, experience from the Prague studies colleagues, the Minister of Finance of great Britain Rishi Sunak. However, according to the Director of the Prague Centre for epidemiology and hygiene Zdenci Agrave, proud of before. “We won the first half, we scored a lot of points, but the next two times will be very difficult, she said in an interview with online edition Seznam. We don’t know what will happen in the fall or winter, or how the epidemic will affect the flu.”

Maria Evstafieva