In Moscow 37-year-old doctor Tatiana Freidlin infected with coronavirus, gave birth to a premature baby and died 11 days after caesarean section. This was reported by the husband of the deceased Victor Freidlin in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Freidlin, said that his wife had held the post of anaesthetist in the Clinical center of the University named after Sechenov. During the epidemic she was at home and cared for two children, not working in the so-called red zone.

How Freidlin and her husband had contracted the coronavirus, is unclear. Wife got sick almost simultaneously, and later Victor test for coronavirus, showed negative results. The man said that his wife as the doctor realized the seriousness of the disease and were afraid of infection. Thus two children Tatyana not contracted the infection, the third child was also born healthy.

She was hospitalized on April 25 and immediately hooked up to artificial lung ventilation (ALV). More than ten days the woman was in intensive care. The treatment she received transfusions of plasma with antibodies, but it did not help. On April 29 the woman has a caesarean section, the baby was born two months premature. His mother never regained consciousness after the surgery. She died on 9 may and until the day of death, was on a ventilator. The husband turned to her colleagues — they provided support, called the hospital and advised the doctors.

Doctors said Freidline, if not pregnancy, then the probability of survival of Tatiana would be 95 percent. Due to the caesarean section, her immune system plummeted. The baby is lying in the intensive care box. The woman was buried in a closed coffin, was there one Victor. Colleague Tatyana told reporters that she did not tell anyone about hospitalization.

In Russia in recent days has revealed 8926 cases of infection with coronavirus in 81 region. Recovered 2836 persons recorded 91 deaths. The country was 290 678 cases of infection in all regions 2722 and mortality 70 209 cases of recovery.